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BigCommerce Launches Amazon Product Catalog Import Support, Reducing Manual Error and Saving Sellers Hours of Work

Matthew Heng / 2 min read
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There’s no denying that Amazon represents a massive opportunity for ecommerce brands to reach customers at scale.

In fact, more than 50% of Amazon’s sales in 2017 came from third-party sellers.

However, selling on Amazon offers online retailers limited opportunities to build a brand and cultivate relationships with customers.

Webstores remain the primary channel for building brand equity and customer lifetime value.

With the release of Amazon Import and Link, BigCommerce is making it easy for Amazon Sellers to extend their successful Amazon businesses to their own ecommerce site, expanding across channels and building customer lifetime value and brand equity through decreasing customer acquisition costs.

What is Amazon Import and Link?

Amazon Import and Link makes it easy for Amazon sellers to import their existing Amazon catalog to power a BigCommerce storefront.

No need for exporting .csv files, copy/pasting SKUs, or endlessly uploading images.

Amazon Import and Link transfers your Amazon listings and all their associated images, descriptions, and other information directly to BigCommerce.

Amazon Import and Link FeaturesCatalog
  • Import: Quickly create a product catalog in BigCommerce, complete with ASINs intact.
  • Multi-use: Merchants can run this import multiple times should they add new products to the Amazon account that they want to manage within BigCommerce.
  • Avoid Duplicates: If merchants already have a matching SKU in their BigCommerce catalog, the import will be skipped to avoid duplication.
  • Order Management: From the BigCommerce control panel, merchants can now manage their listings, inventory, and orders all in a single place.
  • Listing Links: When a product is imported and added to the catalog, this will automatically link the Amazon listing and the product catalog listing.

What are the Benefits of Importing and Linking my Amazon Catalog?

The goal is to get you up and running with an ecommerce site complementary to your Amazon channel, on which you can begin to build brand equity and customer lifetime value.

Benefits of Linking Your Amazon Catalog
  • Simplified Expansion: Amazon sellers looking to expand their sales into new channels or build their own branded storefront can do so with ease without disrupting their existing business.
  • Streamlined Operations: Merchants utilizing the import feature will instantly be able to manage their Amazon listings from the BigCommerce control panel and allow for ease of listing on other channels, including their own storefront.
  • Easy Maintenance: Making price changes, maintaining inventory thresholds, and simplification of order management makes operating a business that much more streamlined.
  • Grow Your Brand: Merchants grow faster on BigCommerce and adding a branded storefront to your Amazon operation is best done using the native features of the BigCommerce platform.
  • Decide your workflows: If adding new products is more familiar in Amazon, that’s 100% OK as merchants can run the import tool as many times as they want, with BigCommerce becoming the record of truth, linking your Amazon listing directly to the BigCommerce catalog.

Once your products are imported into a BigCommerce catalog, the system links them to your existing Amazon listings so you can manage your listings with ease.

Import and Link can be used as many times as you need.

If you add new products to your Seller Central catalog, just import and link your products a second, third, or fifth time.

We’ve developed the solution to skip any products already in your BigCommerce catalog and only import new additions to keep your products clean and organized.

How can I use Amazon Import and Link?

amazon product import link

The Amazon Import and Link tool is available for merchants with an active Professional Seller Plan with Amazon.

Simply connect and activate Amazon as a channel in the BigCommerce Channel Manager and then select the Import tab in the Amazon channel.

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