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EpicFlowers is now a Bigcommerce Premium Partner

Simon Clarkson / 1 min read

I’m happy to announce that Oregon-based EpicFlowers is now a Bigcommerce Premium Partner. EpicFlowers is a full-service online marketing firm specializing in the floral industry. They build websites based on templates they’ve developed that are proven to convert, then customize them to fit their clients’ branding and preferences. They also help clients with SEO, email marketing, blog design and writing, and more. We love EpicFlowers because they help smaller florists compete with the major online companies by offering them knowledge gained from 12+ years in the industry.

Recent Work

Plantation Florist

Plantation Florist uses the Amedei layout (all of EpicFlowers’ designs are named after fine chocolate). It’s not too flashy and gets straight to the point — driving sales and making money. The horizontal navigation and quick-link buttons let shoppers easily find what they’re looking for, while promo boxes below the banner provide great retail space for sales, popular categories, floral arrangement, coupons, etc.


Enchanted Florist

Enchanted Florist uses the new simple but elegant Cluizel layout. The front page focuses on the banner and products, and allows shoppers to instantly see large images of products. The horizontal navigation makes finding arrangements for any occasion fast and easy.

Dragonfly Flowers

Dragonfly Flowers uses the popular Amano layout. Simple and intuitive, the site is structured around quick navigation menus and a large banner for specials, combined with a more detailed left-side menu and large product images above the fold. It offers shoppers a way to find what they want no matter how they prefer to browse.


Simon Clarkson

Simon Clarkson

Simon is the Director of Channels for Bigcommerce. Before coming to us, he was the Director of National Brands and Agencies for ReachLocal Australia. His depth of experience in developing successful, high-growth channel programs is helping to redefine what it means to partner with Bigcommerce. He is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now lives in Austin with his wife and daughter.

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