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Social Media Marketing: 4 powerful Pinterest tips to increase sales

Katey Ferenzi / 2 min read

Any and all visual industries (hint, just about everyone online) should explore Pinterest as a social media channel. It’s a powerful tool to help connect with your customers and increase sales. And despite what you think, Pinterest isn’t just for the ladies. Guys can use it to sell more, too!

We recently we held a community hangout session on Pinterest best practices with three expert Pinners; Elizabeth Lowery, from, Haley from, and Jill from Although they did all happen to be gals, these three entrepreneurs shared four powerful Pinterest tips to help engage shoppers and increase your online sales. Today we’ll take a look at some of the more powerful tips so you can start maximizing your Pinterest boards today.

Watch this week’s #SellMore video, and you’ll not only discover how to make you pins more pinteresting, you’ll also learn how optimize for conversion and sales. After watching the video, scroll down for a deeper dive and some bonus tips!

Pinterest Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners

4 powerful Pinterest tips to increase sales

1. Improve the user experience with redirects

If you sell one of a kind items or products that may go out of stock, Jill from Baby Gifts and Goodies highly suggests creating individual redirects. This ensures nobody clicking on a pin will ever be brought to a 404 page. Jill, has listed and redirected to a similar item in place of the product that was out of stock. Genius! The best part is that you can reuse your redirects over and over once you’ve got them created.

Notice the originally-pinned page tells you to check out a similar product.

Notice the originally-pinned page tells you to check out a similar product.

2. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins allow for ecommerce stores to include real-time pricing, availability and info on where to buy products like clothing and furniture. When a Pinterest user hits “SEARCH” on Pinterest, rich pins will present tagged items that now include links showing shoppers where to buy the product even if the image didn’t come from the original e-commerce site.

From this Rich Pin, you can see the price and whether it's in stock.

From this Rich Pin, you can see the price and whether it’s in stock.


3. Do more to sell more

When you post or share anything, you will always want to include a link to your store. However, make sure you beef things up by including a product description. You can always include a unique hashtag if you want to be extra fancy. This will improve searchability and likeliness to get found. Also, test out the inclusion of coupon codes!

Hermosa Haley coupon example - just incase you'd like to use it.

Charcoal coupon example - just incase you'd like to use it.

4. Say more with photos

Not only can you watermark your images for extra safety, but you can also include your web address, logo or any relevant information you would like shoppers to have. After all, the image is the most compelling element, so make it count!  You’ll look more professional and you’ll improve your overall brand awareness, too.

Baby Gifts and Goodies - content within image

BONUS: Tips from me to you.

  • Keep calm and pin on. As with any social media channel, it may take some time to gain a following. Don’t give up, keep pinning and be sure to treat Pinterest as another social media channel. Don’t only pin your own stuff. Make sure you’re pinning things you love, your shoppers, and more. It will help you grow tremendously.
  • Taller images are shared more. This threw me for a loop when I heard it, as we all know the “above the fold rule.” Dan Zarrella, Hubspot’s Social Media Scientist recently shared some interesting stats that show taller images are more sharable. The man has some serious credentials, so I vote you test and see if it helps.

Special thanks Jill, Haley and Elizabeth for sharing their pinterest hacks during our Pinterest Community Hangout. We really appreciate you!

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