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How can Outfy help BigCommerce shop owners?

Outfy is the most productive tool to greatly enhance the social reach of your online store – to pull more traffic & eventually increase sale of your products exponentially. 

Outfy is a facilitation tool that helps to promote your products on as many as 14 social media networks simultaneously, on your behalf, with a few clicks costing next to nothing.   

It can pick all the products directly from your BigCommerce online store, and post them on to your chosen social media, at your chosen time – all on a shoestring budget with a HUGE time saving, with just a few clicks! If you don’t even want to invest the time to choose the products yourself, Outfy app has a handy “Auto pilot” feature, that auto selects the products based on your criterion input, and posts them on your behalf to your social media accounts.

Why should one choose Outfy over other apps?

  • Share or Schedule  – Post in real time, or schedule for months into the future
  • Time Saver – Share to one or multiple networks from the same dashboard, within seconds
  • Unique Autopilot feature – Option to put your store on auto mode - Outfy will pick & post products from your chosen categories, as per your settings
  • Exclusive “Wheel of Promotion” – Customize preset templates to announce sales/coupon codes/new launch, etc, & put on auto-mode, with multiple promotions being auto-rotated as per your set timings 
  • One of a kind “Pay per use” concept – No fixed monthly charges / commitment. Spend as per your marketing strategy and budget. No auto-charge. No credit card details taken
  • Widespread network coverage - 14 social media as well as ecommerce networks - something for every possible line of business to “build” and “grow” the brand name
  • Multiple Platforms Integrated – Outfy can work with online stores on 8 platforms, you can even attach multiple shops to the same Outfy account and share credits across shops
  • Security – Outfy is completely secure with the best in class encryptions
  • Complete handholding – Round the clock customer support – chat / mail

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