Offer flexible payment options at checkout with Klarna

Increase your average order value by offering pay later options with streamlined approval for shoppers.

Already using BigCommerce? Activate Klarna.

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Offer Klarna to increase revenue

Offering pay later options through Klarna can increase your mobile conversion rate by 64%. Plus, 44% of users say they would have abandoned their purchase without Klarna’s pay in four functionality.* Our built-in integration makes it easy to seamlessly offer Klarna payment solutions at checkout.

Flexible payment options

Pay later options give shoppers the freedom to choose how and when to pay. Without any added costs or hidden fees. They get to spread the cost over time while you get paid upfront and in full.

Guaranteed payments

Klarna removes the risk involved with offering credit and pay-later options by assuming all responsibility for the transaction, ensuring you get paid with no chargebacks.

Built-in fraud protection

Klarna’s algorithm provides an extra layer of protection if you use Klarna Checkout for processing credit cards, with processing rates of just 2.9%.