Provide payment flexibility with Laybuy and BigCommerce

Laybuy is an innovative, fully integrated payment platform designed with simplicity at its core. Give your customers the option to ‘buy now, pay later’ in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments.

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Offer a payment solution that is tailored to your customers needs

Easily integrate Laybuy with BigCommerce to offer more ways to pay

Improve customer experience

Customers want to own how they pay. Offering them the option to pay later, interest free keeps you competitive and gives them one more reason to be loyal to your brand.

Grow your sales and customer base

Laybuy increases your average order value, boosts conversion rate and grows your customer acquisition.

Payment, straight away and fraud risk removed

Laybuy pays all merchants up front seamlessly, automatically and quickly. Laybuy also assumes all non-payment and fraud risk for all payments.

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Integrate an effortless payment solution for growth

Offer a simpler way for shoppers to pay in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments while receiving your payment immediately.