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Give your site a performance boost with Section

Give your applications a dramatic performance gain with Section’s site acceleration solutions.

Plug and Play Solutions with Section

Improve TTFB and render time without modifying your application.

BigCommerce Optimizer

Using Section's BigCommerce Optimizer solution to stream HTML documents, you can cache more content without breaking the personalized parts of your pages.

Headless Commerce

Build custom experiences, accelerate your path to innovation, & drive more conversions by decoupling your presentation layer from your e-commerce back-end.

Image Optimization

Optimizing images for your web application will produce faster load times, reduce load on your origin server, and result in better overall user experience.

Protect From Attacks

With built-in security features, Section gives you access to world-class web application firewall and bot management solutions to protect your site from threats.

“We started off by simply using Section to speed up the site and to provide a queueing system when our website would get overloaded. Since then, we have added services and now cover caching, WAF, A/B Testing, and image optimization.”

Gareth Williams CTO Adore Beauty

Performance, security and scalability

Section's Edge Compute Platform builds on the BigCommerce platform, providing integrated performance, security, and scalability solutions that deliver exceptional shopping experiences.

Image optimization and faster load times

Plug-and-play solutions, including Section's BigCommerce Optimizer and Image Optimization enable faster page load times and improve the scalability of your application. Best of all, these solutions don't require any complex code changes, so you can realize the benefits immediately.

Headless Commerce flexibility

Section also provides an easy path to headless commerce so you can create content-rich experiences on top of BigCommerce's best-in-class e-commerce capabilities.

Leverage Section for scalability

Section has helped many BigCommerce merchants increase performance and profitability. Contact us to find out how BigCommerce and Section can strengthen your storefront.

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