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How to select the right ecommerce platform for your business.

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Deciding to migrate to a new ecommerce platform—and choosing the right one—is a big decision that affects many facets of your business.

The first step is to properly vet your options. This excel template includes 193 questions to send to the platforms you’re considering so you can evaluate your options on a level playing field.

This template covers many areas, including:

  • IT, Hosting & Security
  • Design & Development
  • Marketing, SEO and Expanding to Omni-Channel

You can edit the document to include only the questions that are relevant to your business, while also ranking the importance of each criterion so that prospective platforms can become well-informed about your business needs and begin crafting proposals for how to meet them.

“In comparing Shopify to BigCommerce, I realized pretty quick that with Shopify you mold more to them. Whereas with BigCommerce, it molds more to us.”

Simon MolnarIce Jewellery, CEO

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