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Join our 5000+ Customers in more than 35 countries who already love Doofinder.

Doofinder increases sales because your customers search and find the most relevant results.

The algorithm learns form the user behaviour and is fully customizable. Doofinder offers the following Features:

  • Autocomplete

  • Synonyms

  • Custom Results

  • Facets Navigation

  • Boosting

  • Banners & Promotions

  • Real Time Statistics

  • Voice Search

Add a smart search engine to your BigCommerce store in 5 minutes and with no development skills. You can easily install Doofinder in your shop using our One-Click integration App.

Why Choose Doofinder?:

  • Boost your conversion rates from the get go.

  • Doofinder provides you with relevant user search behaviour to take your business to the next level

  • It's a super fast, advanced and easy to install App

Test our solution for 30 days for free! One click integration - no development, no service contract, without setup fees.



Custom Pricing:

from $35 / month


Last Updated:

April 17, 2024

Compatible with:


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Custom Pricing:

from $35 / month


Last Updated:

April 17, 2024

Compatible with:


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App Features


Error tolerance & Phonetic Technology

Doofinder technology is based on a semantic processing architecture that will ensure that your customers find the products they want, minimizing spelling and typographical errors in the search process.

Autocomplete - The less typing the more you sell !

Doofinder gives you results so quick that it allows users to find the desired product without leaving the homepage.

Self learning

Doofinder learns by user interactions and brings with his smart algorithm the most relevant result automatically to the top of the search results and keeps on learning constantly.

Design Types & Customizations

We offer different Designs to show and perform search. Choose between the classic, full-screen, compact or embedded layer. Doofinder search can be 100% personalized.

Multilingual Search

Doofinder works in 27 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, Basque, Brazilian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, Hindi, Thai.

Security & Uptime

Secure domains and blacklist IPs, when needed. Doofinder offers 99,999% uptime.


Statistics and Usage

Relevant real-time information, to analyse and optimize your search engine. Doofinder provides number of searches, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Top Searches, Top Clicked, Top Opportunities, etc.. for both Desktop and Mobile shops versions. Our analytics tool lets you know what products your customers are looking for, how the searches are carried out, shows opportunities for not exact searches or 0 result search queries.

Business Rules & Merchandising Features

You can promote or demote certain results globally by modifying its boost factor.

You can also setup Banner to promote products or content and create Redirections.

Doofinder allows you to create Custom Results in order to include or exclude specific items from search results, for specific terms. By doing this you can guide your users' browsing based on your marketing and sales strategy.


Mobile & Voice Search

Improve search experience and customer journey on mobile devices with our out of the box integration via BigCommerce Plugin. Mobile first!

Enjoy now the latest voice search technology, dynamic filtering, infinity scrolling, to the top button to offer a unique search experience for your customers on mobile devices.


Suggestions brings highly relevant suggestive search results while the user types, pushed by a new index generated from the Top Search terms stats in your search engine.

Once the user clicks in one of those suggestions, the results in the layer will change to that suggestion results

Advanced Settings

With Doofinder you can adapt the search algorithm itself, to customize our tool perfectly to the needs of you business.

Schedule Indexing

Take control of the processing of your data by choosing if it should be updated at certain time intervals or at specific times of the day.

Boosting Rules

Personalize search relevance to create sophisticated preferences over multiple criteria. For example, you can give a global boost value when the result matches "out of stock" -> then give a boost of 0,5 for all product which fit this parameter. This will then devalue the product score by 50%

Search History

Simplify the search process by giving each customer an individual list of their recent searches to facilitate the search process making it easier and quicker.

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