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Explore our suite of AI-powered tools and partner integrations designed to boost engagement, streamline operations, and empower new, creative ways to attract and convert shoppers.

BigAI storefront tools

Elevate the shopping experience, drive engagement, and boost conversions with our suite of AI-powered tools.

BigAI Product Recommendations

Increase average order value and conversion by showcasing relevant product recommendations, personalised in real time and powered by Google Vertex AI.

Coming soon, exclusively for Enterprise plans.

BigAI Predictive Analytics

Get predictive analytics on the future lifetime value of new shoppers and more, built on our existing native Google BigQuery integration.

Coming soon

BigAI B2B Quote Assistant

Boost engagement and sales with personalised quote proposal emails, empowering your sales teams to craft stronger communication and build lasting customer relationships

Coming soon, exclusively for B2B Edition.

BigAI Copywriter

Craft compelling, SEO-optimised product descriptions in your brand voice and tone. Save time and customise for style, tone, keywords, and length.

“BigAI Copywriter has allowed us to provide well-worded, SEO-friendly, product descriptions on a large scale. The descriptions are tied to the attributes we’ve assigned to products — we finally have a great solution for giving customers as much information as possible on the products we sell.”

Jason Cadden,

Ecommerce Manager,

BigAI Partner Integrations

Unlock new capabilities with innovative AI partner tools and integrations, like personalised merchandising and search, conversational shopping and much more. Visit our app store to explore our BigAI Partners.

BigAI Developer tools

Innovate on the fly with tools designed with your development team in mind.

Open source AI foundation app

Leverage our open-source AI foundation app to quickly build innovative AI solutions that help people reach new levels of creativity, productivity, and decision making.

Big Open Data Layer

Simplify how you collect storefront data. Leverage 13 new data events to train ML models and power cost-effective advertising and highly personalised shopping experiences.

App extensions

Build AI-based apps to streamline operations by extending the capabilities of the BigCommerce control panel.

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