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Whether you’re new to BigCommerce and launching your first store, or you’re already using the platform and want to make improvements, we’ll help you create the ultimate shopping experience.

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Transform Learning into Success at Every Stage

BigCommerce University includes everything from self-paced courses for individual users to personalized, in-person instruction for entire teams — and so much more.

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For Business Users

Training and certification programs for ecommerce managers, marketing team members, business owners or anyone who uses BigCommerce on a daily basis.

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For Technical Users

Training and certification programs for developers, IT professionals or small business owners who want to dive deeper into the code.

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Driven to see you excel

“Our growth coaches were amazing. They were informative, concise, strategic and extremely patient. They are experts in their field and I definitely got the feeling that they truly cared about our success.”

Anoa Stephanie GollmanSheago Cosmetics
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“We got to ask direct questions about how the platform would fit into our business needs. In terms of how in-depth it was, and in terms of our trainer being able to tailor the training to our unique situation, it was really good.”

Andrew StewartCTO, B2X Global
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“Our trainer was very engaging and made all the information easy to consume and accessible. We all came away finding the training incredibly productive and helpful. The amount of time we saved by having this training beforehand rather than just pick it up off the cuff is invaluable.”

James WhiteGlobal Head of Ecommerce & Digital, Dr. Barbara Sturm
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