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How To Double Your Sales By Converting New Shoppers Into Loyal Customers Who Keep Buying For Years Even If Competitors Offer Lower Prices

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If you want to know how BigCommerce stores are doubling sales without spending on ads or discounting then this is a very exciting message for you to read.

Here's the deal:

Several years ago STG (a BigCommerce retailer) had a problem. The steady growth they had become used to stopped and worse, sales were decreasing.

The decreasing sales was triggered by several new competitors who had entered the market.

So what did STG do?

Reduce prices?

Spend money on advertising?


STG began growing again and even doubled their sales without doing any of the above.

But how?

The answer is pretty simple:

STG began focusing on repeat business.

Edward Deming, the late American business genius who helped Japanese industry to dominate global trade in the 70s, said that "profit in business comes from repeat customers."

STG's focus on repeat business was so successful that revenue from repeat customers jumped from $1.1M to $2.3M a year.

Check this out:

For the past decade I've worked with hundreds of ecommerce businesses helping them to increase repeat orders and customer loyalty.

I've received behind the scenes access to little known e-commerce brands that are killing it, generating millions in profits and seen how they run and grow their business.

So I put all this knowledge and experience into a training session.

Here are some of the things that's covered in this training:

  1. A surefire and little known method to boost repeat orders in the next 14 days, even from long-dormant customers.

  2. One and only proven-effective trigger that gets customers coming back and ordering every month, like clockwork, without fail.

  3. The autopilot method to get new customers to come back and order again, even if you stop offering discounts.

  4. The method used by the biggest banks like Chase and Wells Fargo to mint huge profits with very little overhead from loyal customers and how you can do the same.

  5. The step-by-step process to generate a report that shows your top spenders each month and how much they spent.

  6. A special way to tweak your existing promotions that gets customers excited to shop with you.

  7. The scientifically proven method used by Vegas casinos to get their top customers coming back and spending more, and that you can use for your BigCommerce business using RewardCamp.

  8. How to get access to loyalty program policies that protect you from abusive customers and fraudsters looking to take advantage of you.

  9. How to exclude your wholesale customers so that they are not double dipping into big discounts as well as getting top rewards, unless you want them to.

  10. How to be in compliance with manufacturer's who won't allow you to offer discounts but still entice customers to buy from you instead of competitors.

  11. Surefire way to design your loyalty program so that it get's adopted quickly by customers.

  12. The "no-sweat, no-brainer" way to boost your customer service using RewardCamp's rewards and customer history.

  13. Key strategies for migrating from your previous loyalty program so that you don't make the same mistakes again.

Okay, so here's the deal:

I'm providing the above premium training to anyone who signs up for a RewardCamp demo in the next two weeks.

Go to the link below to schedule a demo


- Raheem SarcarRewardCamp Founder



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July 11, 2023

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.



Upfront Fee:


Recurring Fee:



Last Updated:

July 11, 2023

This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.


App Features

Set it and forget it.

Once you setup your rewards program, it will systematically start converting new customers into repeat customers without requiring extra-work on your part.

Tiered loyalty system.

Offer a tiered rewards system so that, the more customers spend, the more rewards they earn, which increases the likelihood of them returning to place the next order.

Exclude whole sale customers.

RewardCamp allows you to exclude specific customers and customer groups from the rewards program.

Easy email templates.

Use our email templates so that your customers are notified about rewards.

Win back Lost Customers

Use RewardCamp's Lost Customer Activation tool to identify customers who have stopped shopping. Next, issue bonus rewards to these customers to get them to start shopping again.

Case Studies

$16,464 Increase in Repeat Orders for BigCommerce Retailer

Rob Cook has been involved in the family floral business Nancy's Floral -since the late 1990s.

The online floral business is extremely competitive. Local florists like Nancy's Floral have to be innovative to compete against national floral brands like 1800flowers.com and ftd.com.

In 2015, Nancy's Floral began offering a loyalty program using RewardCamp. Within 8 months, their repeat business had doubled.

As a result of offering a customer-friendly loyalty program, Nancy's Floral had increased their repeat orders from $3,560.00 in 2015 to $24,963.00, a 700% increase.

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How John Added $226,895.00 in Revenue To his BigCommerce Store

John O'Reilly, owner of British Food Depot added an additional $226,895.00 to his revenues by increasing customer loyalty. Here's the story of how John did it.

John sells groceries to British natives living in the United States who are missing foods from back home. It is an extremely competitive niche. After trying various tactics to increase customer loyalty, John began offering rewards to his customers in 2015 using the RewardCamp platform.

John setup RewardCamp so that his customers would earn rewards as soon as their orders were shipped. Next, he setup RewardCamp to send monthly reminders to any customer who has a reward.

These actions had the intended effect. More of his new customers were converting into repeat buyers. It worked so well that John was able to add an additional $226,895.00 in revenue from repeat customers.

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