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BigCommerce Merchants Can Now Sell on Pinterest

John Yarbrough / 2 min read

We’re excited to announce that, beginning today, even more BigCommerce merchants can take advantage of Buyable Pins on Pinterest, providing shoppers the ability to browse and purchase products directly on Pinterest. The feature will be rolling out to all stores in the U.S. beginning today and will appear in the control panel when available.

Using Buyable Pins to Reach Customers and Improve Mobile Conversions

As you may recall, Buyable Pins, which were announced last year,  enable more than 100 million monthly active Pinners to purchase eligible products directly on Pinterest’s mobile apps providing a seamless checkout experience without the need to leave the app. Since first partnering with Pinterest in October to bring Buyable Pins to a select group of merchants, we’ve seen Buyable Pins help businesses reach new customers, improve mobile conversions and drive incremental website traffic.


Just like Regular Pins, Buyable Pins show up right in Pinners’ feeds based on their interests but also include pricing information making them instantly identifiable. Also worth noting, Pins with prices get 36% more engagement than those without. Once selected, Pinners have the option to either save or click the blue ‘Buy It’ button to purchase in as little as two clicks. Buyable Pins also appear in Pinterest’s dedicated Shop section, which is accessible by clicking the explore icon, then tapping Shop.

According to a broad survey of U.S. consumers conducted by BigCommerce and research firm Kelton Global, 30% of all online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase directly on social platforms. Additionally, more than 1 in 5 consumers are now following and engaging with brands on Pinterest. According to the research, younger shoppers — specifically Gen Xers and Millennials — are particularly fond of using Pinterest for both product discovery and shopping, with 26% saying they would likely purchase a product directly on Pinterest if provided the option.

Using Buyable Pins with BigCommerce

To begin using Buyable Pins, you’ll first need to connect your store to Pinterest in the BigCommerce control panel using your Pinterest business account. If you don’t yet have a business account with Pinterest, you can either create one or convert an existing account into a business account. Creating a business account has the added benefit of providing access to other great tools such as Pinterest Analytics and Pinterest’s ad product, Promoted Pins.


Once you’ve completed setup, you’ll then be able to send your BigCommerce product catalog to Pinterest along with your listing application. Please note, the application process can take up to a week (five business days).


After your store has been approved, your Pinterest profile will automatically be updated with a “Shop Pins from” button and existing product Pins will begin appearing blue, showing customers they can now purchase them directly on Pinterest.

Orders generated through Pinterest Buyable Pins will appear in the control panel alongside those from your online store (designated by a Pinterest logo), and inventory is synced automatically allowing you to use existing workflows for processing and fulfillment.  If you’d like to see a complete list of orders from Pinterest, you can do so in the View Orders section of your store by selecting the ‘Orders from Pinterest’ custom view.

Buyable Pins Requirements

For now, Buyable Pins are only available to merchants selling in the U.S. that meet Pinterest’s policies and advertising guidelines for merchants. You’ll also want to review other requirements for Buyable Pins, such as eligible payment gateways (currently Buyable Pins are limited to merchants using PayPal powered by Braintree; support for additional gateways will be added in the coming weeks).

For merchants that are just starting selling online and interested in using Buyable Pins with BigCommerce, now is the perfect time to create an online store.


John Yarbrough

John Yarbrough

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