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Health & Beauty Ecommerce Site Design

The health and beauty vertical has two distinct requirements:

  • Build trust through recommendations and ingredients listings

  • Look as beautiful on-site as the product looks in person (or will make someone look)

After all, health and beauty products are items you put in or on your body. They need to be tried. They need to be true. Often, they need to be FDA approved.

Beyond that, these products need to explain what is in them so those with allergies can avoid anything that won’t work for them.

And, finally, these sites must be beautiful. After all, they are selling health and beauty.

Here is how 10 health and beauty brands make these requirements come to life.

Leading Health & Beauty Brands Choose BigCommerce

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1. RAD Soap

As told to BigCommerce by Max Kerber, RAD Soap.

We are a family run business out of Albany that creates all natural products with a purpose that work. We started in our kitchen and now have expanded into a 21,000 sq ft facility.

We have put a lot of time and energy into our site, which we learned how to build with the help of the BigCommerce support team. We are a proud example of hard work and the ability to do anything you put your mind to.

Without BigCommerce’s support team, our website wouldn’t have been possible.

2. Mehron

As told to BigCommerce by Adam McBryde, Mehron. has pushed the limits of the BigCommerce platform with a custom theme developed to showcase two separate product lines.

Thanks to the great customer supplied content and a slideshow app, the site has already received rave reviews and is a growing success in ecommerce.

3. Lady Burgundy

As told to BigCommerce by Amrit Bal, Lady Burgundy.

I am a novice when it comes to website design and by only using BigCommerce as a guide, I created a website that I am very happy with.

It has a great showcase of our products and is also very easy to use. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers as well that it’s vibrant and minimalistic at the same time.

4. Morning Song Gardens

As told to BigCommerce by Patrick McDaniel, Morning Song Gardens. 

Our store design was a complicated one as it needed to wear several hats. The design itself needed to reflect the brand while keeping in mind functionality and usability.

I wanted it to be easy for our baby-boom demographic, while keeping something fresh and new age for our younger demographic and avoid high bounce rates.

This was a fine line while still keeping the brand torch well lit! The result works pretty well for all demographics and funnel flow to the checkout.

5. Badass Beard Care

As told to BigCommerce by Charles Moyer, Badass Beard Care.

We designed our store to not only have a beautiful design, but also have a functionality, ease of use, and flow that customers really enjoy. This has helped us to achieve an average conversion rate of over 9% for this year to date.

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6. Therapist Candles

As told to BigCommerce by Beatrix Nemeth Therapist Candles.

Playful colors are represented on our site that capture the attention of the visitor. With great features and tools, it is easy to navigate and explore all the bits of treasures our website has to offer.

From effective email sign up integration, blogs, to a splendid shopping experience, our site provides a millennial approach to customers who are also looking for a fast checkout in their busy lives.

7. Actesso

As told to BigCommerce by Michael Cox, Actesso Medical.

A bespoke design using Aylis, our site is designed to be user friendly, responsive, and lovely to look at.

8. Good Fortune Soap

As told to BigCommerce by Jennifer Strain, Owner at Good Fortune Soap. 

Our website,, embodies our storefront’s atmosphere and our natural brand.

As soon as the home page loads, you feel relaxed and inspired by the beautiful custom photography of fruit, herbs, and organic skin care. We strive to make our online store easy to use, and pleasant to look at.

We’ve integrated several apps for accounting and shipping to help run the business more efficiently. Our most interesting website feature is custom category.

Customers can build their own custom scented body products using product option drop down menus. They can choose their own blends of essential oils and fragrances to create signature scents and perfumes.

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9. Dermelect

As told to BigCommerce by Stephanie Matos, Dermelect.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is a forerunner of targeted treatments to provide real solutions for the woman experiencing changes in her appearance. Our line focuses on key multi-tasking skin care categories as well as the 1st peptide-infused, anti-aging nail care treatments.

Since switching to a responsive view, we’ve seen more than double the visitors on our website.

Our clean and modern layout is not only easy for our customers to access on desktop, mobile, or tablet; it also reflects our simple and efficient approach to skin care.

A few notable customizations to our site include our interactive nail polish product page and our shoppable Instagram feed in the website footer.

10. Gold Medical Supplies

As told to BigCommerce by Adam Guthrie, Gold Medical Supplies.

While having owned and operated a few ecommerce stores hosted on other platforms in the past, this was our first store with BigCommerce.

We had heard great things within the industry, so decided to give it a shot. The interface is powerful and flexible, yet extremely straightforward to setup and develop on. We were able to set our site up with over 4,000 SKUs and have it up and running within a few weeks time.

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