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[Screenshots] Coming Soon: BigCommerce 7 – Product Options, iContact Integration and a New Design

Mitchell Harper / 2 min read

Update: BigCommerce 7 has been released. Get full details here.

As our quality assurance team put their finishing touches on our next release (now officially called BigCommerce 7), I wanted to share a few screenshots with you and talk to you about the release – which has been almost 6 months in the making (of course we’ve still pushed out new features and updates every 2 weeks during that time!).

Revamped & Expanded Product Options

With BigCommerce 7 we’ve really improved on product options (what we currently call variations), because we know how important they are to your merchandising efforts. In the screenshots below you’ll see that product options have been completely redone. They’re now easier, faster and more flexible. You can create 11 different option types: checkbox, date, file upload, multi-line text, radio button, dropdown, rectangle, numbers only, product list, color swatch and text field.

Also, instead of huge sets of product combinations, you can simply setup smart rules, such as “When Size=L OR Size=XXL, Add $5 to Price & 0.2LBS to Weight”. You can also create unique SKUs based on options. I’m pleased to say that BigCommerce 7 has better functionality regarding product options than both Amazon *and* Zappos (the two stores I consider leaders in product merchandising via options)!

Variations are now called options – and here’s how you create one (such as Color, Size, Style, etc)

Here’s a color swatch option (see the last screenshot to see how it looks in-store)

After creating a set of options, we assign them when adding or editing a product on the “Options” tab

We can create a unique SKU based on a combination of option values

We can also create rules to make adjustments to price, weight, photo, etc based on selected options

Here’s how this product looks in-store with options applied. Notice the color swatch and rectangular size option?

iContact Email Marketing Integration

BigCommerce 7 also includes integration with iContact, our recommended email marketing solution for BigCommerce clients.

You can setup rules to add/remove newsletter subscribers to your lists and also customers based on which category/brand/product they’ve purchased. You can then setup email promotions and autoresponders to market to them – powerful stuff. All BigCommerce clients get a 30 day free trial of iContact too.

Please note that Mailchimp *is* still supported.

iContact integration settings for both newsletter subscribers and customers

New Control Panel Design

Finally, we’ve revamped the design of the control panel. At first it was subtle, but as we started playing with different fonts, gradients, menus and panels, we decided to go all in and completely revamp it.

One big change you’ll notice in the first screenshot below is that once you’ve completed the 7 steps in “Let’s Get Your Store Open For Business”, a new dashboard called “Now Let’s Promote Your Store to the World” will appear. It includes 6 steps to get the most out of the marketing tools built right into BigCommerce.

The streamlined dashboard with the marketing promotions wizard

We’ve removed the explanatory text in the drop down menus because we felt it was hard to read

Notice the blue search bar and the eye and star icons which represent visible and featured settings for products

When you scroll down the page the main navigation elements move with you – notice the gray bar along the top?

Release Date & Upgrade Options

We’ll be rolling BigCommerce 7 out to new stores only starting in the next few days. We anticipate making the upgrade available to existing clients in the next week or so. We will of course keep you informed via the blog and our Facebook page, so make sure you’re a fan.


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Mitchell Harper

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