The Decibullz success story

As an Olympic-level gymnastic coach, Kyle Kirkpatrick had a very specific problem. He wanted to listen to music while training athletes but needed headphones that would stay in place, regardless of whether he was running or jumping on the trampoline performing flips and other techniques.

After years spent researching and testing countless headphone brands in search of a product that offered solid sound quality along with flexibility and mobility, Kyle realized the product he wanted didn’t yet exist. So, he decided to build it.

Kyle began to brainstorm ideas and experiment with various plastics. He consulted audio engineers, material specialists, and high-level athletes to develop and test hundreds of designs, formulas, and prototypes in order to create an easy and affordable custom molded earphone.

After validating with friends and family that his earphones were sufficiently differentiated in market, Kyle bet big on his business, selling his car in order to apply for his first patent. With a patent in hand and after months of working with suppliers domestically and overseas, in February 2012, Kyle officially launched his first headphone product - the world’s first thermo-fit custom earphone.

Today, Decibullz’s array of headphone and hearing protection products are sold through over 2,000 retail locations in North America and sold globally through ecommerce channels and international distributors.

WooCommerce unable to handle Decibullz growth stage

As told to BigCommerce by Clay Lyell, Marketing Manager,

I've been at Decibullz for two and a half years. I was really drawn to the role and the company because of the awesome opportunity to collaborate with a unique team of people in order to achieve ambitious goals.    

In 2014, we were looking for an ecommerce platform capable of scaling with our business and supporting our needs to customize the site and integrate with our ERP and other systems we rely on to use the business. We knew about BigCommerce but felt a platform like WooCommerce — which is ‘free’ and open source — would give us more flexibility.

In late 2017, it became apparent that WooCommerce wasn’t the right solution to support the next phase of our business, so we began evaluating alternative platforms. BigCommerce quickly rose to the top of the shortlist, and in February 2018, we decided to fully migrate the site.

We saw a drastic improvement in our site load times after migrating to BigCommerce. Our page-load times were close to six seconds, on average, with WooCommerce, and now we're at around 1.2 seconds on BigCommerce, which is an 80 percent improvement.
Clay Lyell, Marketing Manager,

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