The Bavarian Clockworks success story

For 25 years, Robert Ellis had a successful career working across a number of industries ranging from insurance to construction to hospitality. After selling his small business, Robert decided it was time to look for his “next step,” which he found in an unexpected market.

After extensive research, Robert identified an underserved ecommerce niche that looked ripe for disruption. So in 2015, Robert officially launched Bavarian Clockworks, a US-based, family-owned business selling the world’s highest-quality, certified Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

Choosing a platform to accelerate growth

As told to BigCommerce by Robert Ellis, Owner,

When I launched Bavarian Clockworks, it was my first online business venture. From the beginning, I knew it was important to find a platform that was going to let me operate the business the way I envisioned, without making compromises.

During the course of my research, I found several online resources that listed BigCommerce as a preferred ecommerce platform. Each mentioned that BigCommerce was well suited for businesses experiencing rapid growth. Given our firm belief that the company and our products would succeed, we felt most comfortable moving forward with BigCommerce knowing the platform would be able to meet our needs as the business grew.

The total platform package for converting customers

As told to BigCommerce by Robert Ellis, Owner,

Right out of the gate, we were very impressed with BigCommerce’s total package of built-in features and apps, which can be set up in minutes. The BigCommerce Marketplace offered everything we needed, and we liked that entire platform is built in way that allowed us to customise our store and backend to our exact liking.

I believed BigCommerce would be able to offer us a solution that could accommodate our growth – and it has. One application that has improved our conversion rate was the One Page Checkout by IntuitSolutions. The app streamlined our checkout process, improving conversion and improving the user experience for our customers. As a result, we also saw a significant drop in abandoned carts.

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Anytime I've had a question about how to improve my website, BigCommerce’s support team has been a valuable resource.
Robert Ellis, Owner,
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