Ben Houston

Ben Houston

Founder and CTO of Threekit

Ben Houston has 15 years of experience creating visual effects software for over 100 different Hollywood movies including Harry Potter, the new Star Wars, Avatar, and The Avengers. After partnering with serial entrepreneur Godard Abel (behind startups like BigMachines which was acquired by Oracle and SteelBrick which was acquired by Salesforce), Ben has moved from his role as founder to that of CTO, where he now guides the strategic development of Threekit’s technology.Prior to Threekit, Ben was the CEO of Exocortex Technologies which created visual effects software, leading the development of Exocortex Crate, Slipstream, Fury, and prior to that, the Lead Software Architect for Frantic Films, where he led the development of rendering software Deadline, which was eventually acquired by Amazon.

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