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New Ways to Grow Your Business and Sell on Amazon with BigCommerce

Tracey Wallace

Today, BigCommerce becomes the first cloud-based commerce platform to natively support selling on Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest from a single interface.

During the past several years, we’ve seen thousands of BigCommerce merchants adopt strategies to sell on Amazon while continuing to grow direct sales through their online stores. This isn’t surprising: consumers shopping on Amazon are purchase-minded, many ready to use a one-click push of their mouse or smartphone to buy any given item.

It’s just smart business to consider Amazon a primary sales channel for attracting new customers — those that might not have otherwise encountered your brand or products.

As more BigCommerce merchants increase their presence on marketplaces, we’ve also received a greater number of requests to provide tighter integrations with Amazon seller services.

We’ve heard you — and we’ve taken action.

Today, we’re excited to announce that BigCommerce has worked together with Amazon to make it easier than ever for our customers to sell on Amazon and take advantage of additional value-add services designed to help your business grow.

This integration has been almost a year in the making, as industry trends began making it clear that multi-channel selling is the most effective route to growth for mid-market businesses. Amazon is the first of multiple marketplace integrations on the roadmap, giving BigCommerce retailers easier access to the conversion-ready consumers who begin their product search on that marketplace.

Start Selling and Succeeding on Amazon Today

BigCommerce takes care of the backend technology, saving you precious time as you get started on Amazon. We’ve also compiled the advice of 30+ subject matter experts to walk you through how to sell your way to Amazon success. Read our free, definitive guide to selling on Amazon.

List and Sell on Amazon from BigCommerce

Merchants can now review, edit and manage listings in BigCommerce’s Channel Manager as they could before within Amazon Seller Central. Inventory and orders from Amazon are synced in real-time with BigCommerce, providing a single source of truth and eliminating the risk of overselling.

Here are a few key features of the integration:

  • Publish Amazon listings from your backend, with streamlined error management and bulk listing capabilities, saving merchants with large catalogs hours per week. You choose the products you want to send with a click of a button –– or send your entire catalog.

  • Automatically sync inventory across your Amazon and BigCommerce selling points, removing any concern of overselling items and allowing you to use current fulfillment processes at your discretion.

  • Centralize your multi-channel management and maintain a single product catalog across various high-profit channels.

We wanted to be present wherever customers for our products like to shop. Selling on Amazon affords us the benefit of reaching millions of Amazon customers without spending the advertising dollars up-front.

In addition, merchants can edit, write and publish Amazon listing optimizations from their BigCommerce backend to improve visibility in Amazon’s search engine, A9. The vast majority of sales on Amazon happen through search and more than 70% of those sales come from page listings through Amazon search results.

Through Channel Manager, you can:

  • Create custom product titles for your Amazon page in line with best Amazon search engine practices to increase ranking

  • Edit product descriptions and add bullets to your listing for easier customer readability on Amazon

  • Manage descriptions and price points for products pushed to Amazon without overwriting the descriptions and price points that work best on your own webstore

Amazon’s been incredible for my business. I started selling on Amazon in October of 2015, and it’s doubled my sales. What that tells me is that there’s a whole slew of people who didn’t know I existed and they’d just go in to Amazon and type ‘hands-free pumping bra.’ It’s working way better than a Google search for me.

How to Launch on Amazon from BigCommerce Now

Start Selling on Amazon Now

BigCommerce customers can begin selling on Amazon right now. Read through our setup guide to get started.

Before launching your Channel Manager integration and using the product, merchants will need to set up their Amazon Seller Account correctly. Read through exactly what you’ll need to set that up correctly here.

All payment gateways are accepted, and the integration is open to U.S. merchants or any merchant selling in U.S. currency. Supported product categories include:

  • Toys & Games

  • Home & Garden

  • Health & Beauty

  • Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  • Tools & Home Improvement

  • Pet Supplies

  • Electronics

  • Grocery & Gourmet Food

Support for additional product categories is coming soon. If your business qualifies, you can start selling on Amazon now, with more than 183 million monthly visitors.

We’ll keep you updated as more categories and currencies open. In the meantime, read up on selling on Amazon strategies in this free, 100+ page how-to guide. We’ll walk you through absolutely everything you need to know to start selling and growing through your Amazon channel.

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Tracey is the Director of Marketing at MarketerHire, the marketplace for fast-growth B2B and DTC brands looking for high-quality, pre-vetted freelance marketing talent. She is also the founder of Doris Sleep and was previously the Head of Marketing at Eterneva, both fast-growth DTC brands marketplaces like MarketerHire aim to help. Before that, she was the Global Editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce, where she launched the company’s first online conference (pre-pandemic, nonetheless!), wrote books on How to Sell on Amazon, and worked closely with both ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives at Fortune 1,000 companies to help them scale strategically and profitably. She is a fifth generation Texan, the granddaughter of a depression-era baby turned WWII fighter jet pilot turned self-made millionaire, and wifed up to the truest of heroes, a pediatric trauma nurse, who keeps any of Tracey’s own complaints about business, marketing, or just a seemingly lousy day in perspective.