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BIGTeam Spotlight: From Copywriting to Fashion, How Carmen Marxuach is Expressing Herself in the Ecommerce World

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Meet Carmen Marxuach, a copywriter at BigCommerce taking on a variety of promotional materials such as emails about our platform, social ads, website copy and sometimes IRL ads like billboards and signage.

Her creativity extends beyond her writing, though. Through her love of fashion, sewing and thrifting Marxuach is sure to stun in a one-of-a-kind piece. 

BIGTeam Spotlight: Carmen Marxuach

Like a new pair of shoes, Carmen Marxuach feels like her role is the perfect fit for her. Read on to find out why.

How did you get into the ecommerce industry?

Carmen Marxuach: “When I was looking to switch from agency work to in-house marketing in 2020, BigCommerce caught my eye as an unsurprisingly booming company considering how much online shopping was happening during the height of the pandemic.”

What makes BigCommerce a great place to work?

CM: “I love my team, I love my benefits and I love online shopping!”

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of your role?

CM: “I love when I can step up for a teammate if they need help with reviewing some copy or have a little too much on their plate — making their day easier fulfills me and I know they do the same for me.”

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month right now. What does your heritage mean to you?

CM: “My Latina heritage means good food made with love by my abuela, snorkeling the beaches of Puerto Rico, making tostones for my friends in Texas and of course keeping the island of Puerto Rico in my thoughts as they undergo yet another devastating hurricane.” 

What are your passions outside of work?

CM: “I love to squeeze my cat, go thrifting, sew, try new natural wines and read — I recently joined a book club!”  

What do you shop for most online?

CM: “Definitely makeup or clothes, probably both equally.”

If you had an online store, what would you sell?

CM: “I think I would sell styling sessions. It’s not a physical product but I could use my storefront to schedule and receive payments for little virtual fashion advice sessions — I think that would be fun!”

What’s your favorite BigCommerce store?

CM: “I recently found out BigCommerce hosts the John Fluevog Shoes storefront and I gasped. One of my favorite shoe brands.”

What do you find most fascinating about ecommerce?

CM: “I think its ability to stay relevant no matter the economic climate is really impressive. Ecommerce is here to stay and it’s only getting cooler and more streamlined as time goes on.”

Where do you see the future of ecommerce?

CM: “I see more sustainability, whether it be in better packaging options or in more carbon-neutral forms of transporting products. If I receive a package with everything individually wrapped in plastic and tons of styrofoam packing peanuts, I get pretty annoyed and will try to find a more sustainable option for my next purchase. Lots of brands are already taking initiative against this, but I can’t wait until it’s the standard.”

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Kelsey Daubner is a Content Marketing Specialist at BigCommerce, where she specializes in thought leadership content. She holds a B.S. in Journalism and Media Studies from Texas State University and, prior to joining BigCommerce, worked in marketing roles in various industries spanning from food and beverage to nonprofit.