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BIGTeam Spotlight: How Daniella Leon is Crossing the Finish Line in Life and Ecommerce

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Daniella Leon, Strategic Partner Marketing Manager at BigCommerce, always goes above and beyond in her role, taking on additional responsibilities and learning new disciplines. 

According to a review from a teammate, “In just a short time, Dani has gone above and beyond, taking on projects beyond her remit while maintaining a positive attitude.” 

In her role, Leon builds and executes programs through our partner ecosystem. She works closely with the channel team to understand what we can do as a marketing team to better support our partners — always with the dream to help businesses grow in mind. 

BIGTeam Spotlight: Daniella Leon 

Leon’s passion extends beyond her work for partners at BigCommerce. Read on to learn about how she is making an impact and experiencing life to its fullest. 

How did you get into the ecommerce industry?

Daniella Leon: “For the past five years I have been dreaming about helping businesses grow. So as a side gig, I was helping small businesses build and manage their social media presence, which really started my curiosity about the ecommerce industry. 

“Last year, that curiosity became a reality when I left the manufacturing industry and joined the rapidly changing ecommerce world.”

What makes BigCommerce a great place to work?

DL: “The people and our partners. It is shocking to see how BigCommerce has not only built an amazing global team, but has also built a very unique partner ecosystem that believes in our mission. Both the internal and external community of BigCommerce makes it a great place to work.”

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of your role?

DL: “Getting to build innovative marketing activities and tactics that have made an impact in our partner ecosystem. It’s awesome getting on partner calls and thinking outside the box on what marketing initiatives we can build together, to continue increasing our brand to future merchants. 

“I get to work with such talented colleagues that love to think BIG and creatively. They aren’t afraid to push for something new and truly have a passion for what they do.”

What are your passions outside of work?

DL: “I love to travel. Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, diving into deep blue water to camel riding in the desert, is my biggest passion. Anytime I notice my husband and I have a free weekend, the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘Where are we going?’ It can be a short drive to the Central Texas vineyards or a plane ride to hike or ski in the Colorado mountains. 

Aside from my adventures, I am an avid cyclist. Since I was eight years old, my dad would take me on trails to ride and that has stuck with me. Almost every year, I ride the MS150 from Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas in two days to support The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

What do you shop for most online?

DL: “Anything and everything home-related. When I am bored, I scroll through new furniture, bedding, rugs and most recently all things Christmas decor. When I am not shopping for an item or service online, you can find me ‘shopping’ through real estate across the world and daydreaming about it.”

What’s your favorite BigCommerce store?

DL: One Kings Lane. They have such a great variety of home goods that just fit my style”

What do you find most fascinating about ecommerce?

DL: “I’m fascinated by how fast technology has advanced to allow us to shop anywhere we are, with just a few clicks. Additionally, it is amazing to see how ecommerce can change the lives of people. You can have an idea to sell something, build a store online and within no time be able to start selling. That really moves my heart.” 

Where do you see the future of ecommerce?

DL: “The future of ecommerce will continue to underscore the importance of personalization and choice. Allowing consumers to buy what they want, where they want, with as little friction as possible.”

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Kelsey Daubner is a Content Marketing Specialist at BigCommerce, where she specializes in thought leadership content. She holds a B.S. in Journalism and Media Studies from Texas State University and, prior to joining BigCommerce, worked in marketing roles in various industries spanning from food and beverage to nonprofit.