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BIGTeam Spotlight: How David Nowlan is Crushing the Event Game and the Espresso Martini

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A year into his BigCommerce role as Marketing Program Manager for Events, David Nowlan is proud of the events he has been able to successfully execute, especially the areas where he particularly focuses, partner and industry events. 

Now, he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal how he manages to unwind post-event, his newest business venture and why he might need to acquire a bigger closet. 

BIGTeam Spotlight: David Nowlan

Take a look into our conversation with David to learn more: 

What makes BigCommerce a great place to work?

David Nowlan: “The people without a doubt. No matter what kind of day you are having there is always someone who is willing to help, make you laugh or be a voice of reason for you.”

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of your role?

DN: “Seeing all the hard work our team does pay off and come to life. Nothing beats when doors open for an event and you see your vision come to life…it’s truly an addicting feeling.” 

What are your passions outside of work?

DN: “I am truly passionate about Real Housewives. It’s my therapy and I don’t know what I would do without those women in my life…even at their worst moments. 

“Beyond that, I am a huge family person and love to cook!”

What do you shop for most online?

DN: “Shoes…I have a severe shoe addiction. It started within the past year, but it’s getting out of hand.” 

If you had an online store, what would you sell? 

DN: “Basically we are trying to make a canned espresso martini that is liquor based vs wine based. Most, if not all, canned espresso martinis on the market right now are wine based cocktails. Which to me makes them too sweet and honestly not worth it. So here comes our idea!

“We (Tini Bev Co.) are working to make a canned espresso martini that is liquor based! Something you can take out on the lake with you, to tailgates, to pregame, etc.

“I make an AMAZING (not to toot my horn but to toot my own horn) espresso martini that my friends beg me to make anytime we are together. Honestly, it becomes exhausting after making a few of them so I woke up one day and was like okay I need to do this, but I can’t do it myself so I asked my best friend & now business partner to help.”

What’s your favorite BigCommerce store?

DN: “I love Saddleback Leather Company  — not only is their website amazing but their products are the best! They are so well made and look cool. I have the laptop case and I am always getting compliments on it.” *hair flip emoji* 

What do you find most fascinating about ecommerce?

DN: “The constant innovation and development of it. It is such a fast changing industry and so seeing how it evolves is extremely exciting! It truly is an industry that is all about #thinkbig.”

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