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Experts Predict Ecommerce Trends for 2023

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The new year will be here in the blink of an eye. Now is the time when businesses evaluate the ways to innovate, setting fresh goals and strategies to get ahead of the competition as they head into the first quarter of the year. 

At 2022 Partner Summit, BigCommerce asked experienced ecommerce partners and experts to share their predictions for trends businesses should be planning for as we transition into 2023. 

Here’s what these industry experts predicted.

Continued Growth of B2B Businesses and Marketplaces 

“B2B has taken a bigger, bigger leap over the past couple of years. We’ve seen B2B ecommerce grow immensely. 

“One of the areas that, quite frankly I didn’t know was growing so fast is B2B marketplaces. There’s these marketplaces that are curated specifically for B2B industries. And I think that’s something that B2B store owners need to think about.

“As we always say, you want your product to be wherever your buyer’s going to shop, through marketplaces, through different social media mediums. Those are some real areas that if a business owner wants to, they can grow where maybe some of their competitors aren’t ready to jump into yet.”

Jay Brimberry — COO, EYStudios

“Compared to last year, we’ve done a lot more B2B builds this year. More and more B2B businesses are approaching us with the different types of features and functionalities that are required for that business. So for my business specifically, it’s definitely B2B with a big market share that’s approaching.” 

Marina Lippinco — CEO, Mak Digital Design

Creating Frictionless Shopping Experiences 

“I think the biggest emerging trend is really the native shopping experience in some of those social apps. 

“I do think that when you’re surfing Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest, and you see something that you like, and you want to acquire that product, you have a very seamless experience in order to do that. 

“I think that’s where shopping is actually taking us to the next level as far as technology vendors.” 

Matt Reid — Senior VP of Marketing, Feedonomics

Leveraging an Omnichannel Strategy

“As far as game changing with marketing, I think it’s been happening for a couple of years now, but really making sure it’s omnichannel and capturing the audience with let’s say, Instagram. How many of us have gone on Instagram at midnight and bought something that we can’t remember we did the next day? 

“I think omnichannel is probably the best thing for marketing right now and making sure you’re capturing the audience with social media.”

Tina Ricci — Director of Client Services, Snapshot Design

“I think that ease, especially with BigCommerce, of going omnichannel. I think going omnichannel if you know your product and business allows for it, is a no brainer because it’s not going to lose you any sales. It’s only going to gain you sales because you’re going to be in more spaces where your customers are shopping for your product.” 

Alex Schreck — Director of Sales and Partnerships, Jamersan

Selling More Through Authentic and Relevant Branding

“All the social channels are becoming ecommerce channels, right? So relevancy is a critical thing. 

“People typically want to buy products where they don’t feel that it’s been pushed on them, but where they’re making an active decision to actually want to buy that product. The channels that are doing that the best are the ones that are going to get the best adoption.” 

Shawn Lipman — CEO/Co-Founder, Feedonomics

The Final Word 

We hope these industry insights inform you of the possibilities to come and inspire you to stay agile and ready for the clean slate that is the new year. 

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