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Mabel & Main Says “I Do” to a New Way of Selling Jewelry Online

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Purchasing an engagement ring online already comes with enough stressors: an overwhelming number of choices, high price tags, lengthy processing times — and for many plus-size shoppers, finding the right ring size. 

But this struggle for size inclusivity isn’t unique to the ring industry. Other sectors, such as fashion and apparel, are only recently making headway. 

According to Forbes, the average clothing size of an American woman has increased from size 14 to size 18. However, while more fashion and apparel brands are offering sizes past 16 than ever before, many brands are inconsistent or incorrect with larger sizing, and the options for plus size customers are often limited at best.

While size inclusivity is working to gain traction in the fashion world, the jewelry industry still lacks brands that cater to the modern, plus size bride. 

But Mabel & Main is working to break the status quo.

As a plus size-exclusive jeweler, Mabel & Main offers engagement rings and wedding bands starting at a size 9 — whereas most jewelers design to a size 7. With BigCommerce powering its ecommerce backend, Mabel & Main is well on its way to creating a new norm for size and beauty — one that is “celebrated, not accommodated.”

Celebrated, Not Accommodated

Before Mabel & Main launched in 2021, its founder, Punit Shah, was working with the business’s sister company, My Trio Rings, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand focused on making affordable diamond jewelry alternatives for the modern-day couple.

However, after a phone call with a particular customer, Shah realized the need for a new niche. 

Recalling the conversation, Shah explained that a gentleman had called to inquire about a same-sex wedding ring set in a size 14. Although My Trio Rings did stock this size, Shah noted that, unfortunately, many jewelers often serve only up to a size 10 for men’s rings. 

The call went on just like any other, but toward the end of the conversation, the customer broke down in tears, explaining how many of the jewelers he had interacted with had not treated him seriously, had judged him for shopping for same-sex rings, or simply didn’t sell his partner’s ring size. 

Every interaction had felt insincere or ended in rejection — but, to the customer’s great relief and gratitude, Shah and My Trio Rings not only offered the ring size that he needed, but also the memorable experience that every customer desires.

“It was that interaction that really led us to see that there’s a whole world of plus-sized couples who have to deal with not finding their size in stores and not finding an experience that is equivalent to how momentous this occasion is for them,” Shah explained. 

From there, Shah and his team at My Trio Rings launched their first plus-size ring collection — and what would soon transform into Mabel & Main.

For the Modern Couple

At the time of launching Mabel & Main, Shah saw that many plus-size customers were facing issues with jewelers resizing or stretching smaller ring designs, leading to disproportionate looks, oval-shaped rings, diamonds that would pop out of the setting, custom fees or non-refundable policies.

“It wasn’t something that jewelers were held accountable to — stocking rings in a larger size, giving the right experience, building rings for the right look for the right size and also the right price,” explained Shah. “We knew that it could be done better, and we had the capability to do it better.”

For this reason, Mabel & Main focuses exclusively on plus size jewelry, and they design all of their products from scratch — meaning every ring is carefully curated for the customer, making them as comfortable to wear as they are beautiful to look at. On top of that, their DTC approach  “eliminates wholesalers, inventory costs and retail store markups which drive up prices,” making their product line both size- and price-inclusive.

“There really aren’t any other jewelers who offer this. There are a few online stores that advertise having larger sizes, but they’re either limited or it’s the same ring that would serve a size 7 finger in a size 14,” said Shah. “That’s where the industry stands today, but we’re really excited to be changing that.”

Looking Ahead

As Mabel & Main continues to pioneer a new way of crafting plus-size jewelry, the ecommerce business looks forward to involving more voices in the plus-size community and further expanding its reach.

“We’re just about to launch a brand new collaboration with some voices in the space that are going to really bring our brand out to the communities that we’re seeking to serve,” said Shah. “It’s going to be in the form of brand new collections, exclusively designed by some of the leading voices in our plus-size community.”

And while they’re continuing to grow, Mabel & Main hasn’t stopped challenging the status quo. Shah even explained how the company’s missions and values play out in his one day-to-day life.

“Not just in the jewelry industry but in so many different places, I’m someone that inherently asks, ‘Why is it like that? Why hasn’t it been changed?’ And it always ends in, ‘How can I make this better? How can I change what’s taking place?’”

Needless to say, Mabel & Main is truly shaking up the jewelry industry. Just like many successful online businesses, the plus-size jeweler saw a need, created a solution and shared it with the world. And for any aspiring entrepreneur looking to follow in their footsteps, Shah leaves this last tidbit of advice:

“Be persistent and present in what you do,” said Shah. “Keep working on the challenge, and don’t give up. Be creative, be innovative and be present with your customers.”

The Final Word

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