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Make it Big 2022 Conference: Big Names, Big Brands, Big Insights

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The fifth-annual Make it Big virtual conference brought bigger names, brands and insights than ever before. And we mean big.

Make it Big 2022 included two jam-packed days of content to help propel your business into the future. Eighteen total sessions explored cutting-edge topics like the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, headless UX and Gen Z.

Sponsored by 15 of the biggest names in the industry, the event boasted a full sponsor list of BigCommerce partners including Google, Amazon, Meta, TikTok and more.

And it doesn’t stop there. The 2022 speaker lineup was bigger than ever with insights from more than 25 industry experts like Whole Foods Market co-founder John Mackey, best-selling author Seth Godin, and Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss

The stacked agenda featured four keynote sessions, plus all-new formats like workshops, panels and a live Make it Big Podcast. For the first time, attendees had the chance to participate in audience Q&A sessions and live polls for an even more immersive Make it Big experience.

Relive the Biggest Make it Big Moments

We’re recapping the biggest moments from the conference. Learn how your brand can make it big with insights, strategies and takeaways from each conference session.

Get insights shaping the future.

Welcome to the Future of Ecommerce 

What do the next five years of ecommerce innovation hold? 

BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm shares his vision for a new era of commerce — and how BigCommerce can take you there.

Keynote: Cultivating a Lasting, Mission-Driven Business

From entrepreneurship to conscious capitalism, Whole Foods Market Co-Founder John Mackey sits down with BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm for a candid conversation on what it takes to build a business worthy of a lasting legacy.

“If you want to ride a big wave, you’ve got to get into a place that’s producing big waves.” — John Mackey

Keynote: Modern Marketing: Engaging Your Audience with Intention

What does it mean to be market-driven rather than marketing-driven? 

Learn how adopting the basic principles of modern marketing can impact your business in this interview with best-selling author and member of the Marketing Hall of Fame, Seth Godin, hosted by BigCommerce Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Eggerton.

“If you’re not making a change happen, why did you come to work today?…All marketing is causing a change to happen.” — Seth Godin

Is Your Business Future Ready?

There’s been a decade’s worth of ecommerce growth just in the past few years. As a result, shoppers are finding inspiration in new ways and their shopping journeys are becoming much more fluid. 

Join Martha Welsh, Head of Strategy and Go To Market for Google Commerce & Payments, as she discusses how retailers should be thinking about consumers’ evolving shopping behaviors with BigCommerce’s SVP of Product Marketing Meghan Stabler.

Leading the Change: Women Empowering the Next Era of Entrepreneurs and Leaders

A panel of diverse female leaders across industries empower attendees to achieve success in all walks of their careers — from entrepreneurship and raising venture capital, to exploring NFTs and creating advocacy in the corporate space.

Get inspired by Director of Commerce Partnerships at Meta Tara Syed, Resilia Founder and CEO Sevetri Wilson, and PraSaga EVP and Chief Alliance Officer Nicole Colwell as they share first-person perspectives to empower future generations.

But, this isn’t a session just for women. This candid conversation moderated by BigCommerce SVP & GM of Small Business Veronica Servantez offers learnings from leaders in the tech industry who just happen to be women, and is open to all.

Live Podcast: Crafting Unforgettable Content Experiences

In our first-ever live Make it Big Podcast, you’ll be inspired by content created to stand out from the crowd with real-world examples from Mailchimp. 

Live from the BigCommerce studio, BigCommerce Director of Content Marketing Melissa Dixon sits down with Mailchimp Senior Director of Brand & Studios Michael Mitchell to talk all things brand and content.

Be sure to follow the Make it Big Podcast to be notified when you can stream the episode following the conference.

Stay on the cutting-edge of commerce.

The Omnichannel Imperative: Meeting Shoppers Where They Are

A 360-degree omnichannel strategy is crucial to meet today’s shoppers where they are. Experts from Amazon and BigCommerce share what it takes to create a seamless omnichannel experience across marketplaces, distribution channels, payments and more.

Get exclusive insights as BigCommerce VP of Revenue Growth and GM of Omnichannel Sharon Gee moderates this executive panel with VP of Amazon Distribution & Fulfillment Solutions (ADFS) Gopal Pillai, Director of Amazon Pay, Americas Omar Soudodi and BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm.

Workshop: How to Sell More on TikTok

Whether you’re already selling on TikTok or just getting started, get tactical success strategies for reaching the platform’s 1 billion users.

TikTok’s Global Head of Product Strategy for Commerce & Gaming Ads Gabriel Nicolau walks through why your business should consider selling on TikTok, an overview of commerce solutions, and three strategies to sell more — from novice to pro.

92% of TikTokers take some action following the content they see.

A First-Class Customer Experience: Why Ecommerce is Going Headless

Get ready to unlock the power of headless commerce and enable cutting-edge user experiences with Contentstack. 

Explore real-world examples of brands using headless to bring their UX to life in this workshop led by Contentstack Founder and CEO Neha Sampat. 

Workshop: Unlocking a Growth-Driven Mindset

Learn what it means to adopt a growth-driven mindset in this workshop with BigCommerce partners Klaviyo and Groove Commerce. 

Get smart marketing strategies that drive traffic — and convert more customers — from Klaviyo CEO Andrew Bialecki and Groove Commerce Founder and CEO Ethan Giffin. 

Plus, see real world success stories from BigCommerce customers Solo Stove, Magnolia Boutique and more.

Workshop: Overcoming B2B Challenges in the Digital Age

Dive into strategies and tackle the unique challenges that B2B brands face in today’s wave of digital innovation with BigCommerce agency partners Jamersan and Tavano Team.

In this interactive conversation, Jamersan Founder and CEO TJ Gamble and Tavano Team Growth & Innovation Partner Diego Praderi walk through three key challenges for modern B2B businesses:

  1. Limitations with legacy and open-source ecommerce technologies.

  2. Manual processes that reduce efficiency and cost time.

  3. Outdated user experience that needs an upgrade.

Find out how to overcome these and more.

Propel your business into the future.

Keynote: Retail Trends and Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

With an extensive repertoire in the retail and ecommerce industries, Rent the Runway Co-founder Jenny Fleiss shares her expert insights into emerging digital trends in this interview with BigCommerce SVP of Product Marketing Meghan Stabler. 

From sustainability to experiential commerce, stay on the pulse of the latest in retail and digital heading into 2023. 

“Recessions are moments when consumer behaviors are changed and people are more open to new businesses.” — Jenny Fleiss

Plus, get an exclusive look at Jenny’s newest work on the investment front with Volition Capital.

Keynote: The Future of Retail in the Metaverse

Could the Metaverse become the new third channel for retail? 

Futurist Kate Ancketill explores what trailblazers are doing in virtual worlds, whether they’re finding success and the future potential for brands.

By 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping,education, social and/or entertainment. — Gartner, 2022

Demystifying Crypto, Web3 and NFTs

In this panel conversation, leading Crypto, Web3 and NFT innovators help break down what exactly these topics mean, how they relate to modern day retail and the potential that lies ahead for your business — despite the ups and downs of today’s market.

Get expert insights from Try Your Best Co-Founder and CEO Ty Haney, Co-Founder of Hungry Wolves NFTs and White Sands Metaverse Adam Hollander and Bitpay VP of Marketing Merrick Theobald in this conversation moderated by BigCommerce Senior Brand Manager Leah Spector.

Small Business, Big Gains: The Online Opportunity

Thinking about starting an online business, but not sure where to start? 

Entrepreneurial expert Melinda Emerson, AKA “SmallBizLady”, walks through what it takes to start selling online and how to stand out amongst the ever-increasing online competition in this interview with BigCommerce Influencer Marketing Manager Patrick Quinn.

“You never lose in business. Either you win or you learn.” — Melinda Emerson

Tapping Into Gen Z and the Next Generation of Consumers

Over 60% of U.S. Gen Z consumers use TikTok each month. 

Discover how you can tap into this tech-savvy potential market with insights into Gen Z’s defining characteristics, what they value and how they shop in this fireside chat with TikTok Director of Global Commerce Partnerships Lorry Destainville and BigCommerce Director of Content Marketing Melissa Dixon.

Celebrate innovative BigCommerce customers.

Customer Awards Winners Celebration

For the first time, our Make it Big Customer Awards winners were revealed live at our Make it Big conference.

Join BigCommerce Manager of Customer Growth Cetiera Carmona as we recognize stand-out BigCommerce customers for their achievements in design, innovation, emerging brand and global strategy categories.

Tune in to find out the 2022 results.

The Final Word

If we had one narrow it down to one key takeaway from Make it Big 2022, it’s this: The future of ecommerce is now. 

Don’t wait for the future to drive your business — get there first when you experience the full Make it Big 2022 event on demand. From Web3 to headless commerce, these future-forward topics are just a click away.

Register today to watch the full event on demand. Be sure to share what you’ve learned with us on social with #MakeitBigConf, and don’t forget to tag us @BigCommerce.

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