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14 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

There is no one right way to make a product video. Depending on your vertical, customers have various expectations on what they want to see. And, they have various needs based on how they make purchasing decisions.

There are a few things though that are common to all the best product videos out there.

  • They tell a story: Without context, your product video isn’t going to make any sense. You could produce tons of product videos for your product page that just show the item in a 360 degree spin. But, what’s the point in spending the money to produce such a video that you can’t really use anywhere else? Your video needs to be branded. It needs put your product or service in context. That often means it needs to be shown in use, as a great example of your product — and why the customer can’t resist it. Use the video to continue re-iterating on your brand values and promise: essentially, a how-to video that can be repurposed throughout your marketing.

  • They are short: Aim to make a video topping out at 30 seconds — especially for the sake of sharing on social media. Yes, it’s hard to distill a message down to half a minute, but the best product videos make it look like a cinch. Some of the videos below go over this threshold, but pay attention to what’s happening in the video as to why. Some audience segments will be OK with extra video length if you’re pulling on other emotional strings.

  • They are human: The point of a product explainer video is to increase relate-ability between your brand and your customer. Text and images don’t get this across as well. You want the video production to show emotion and honesty — whether it shows actual people or is an animated video. You want potential customers to walk away feeling as though you understood them, and spoke to the core of their best self.

All of the videos below accomplish each of these things in varying degree.

Do you have a product video you love to rewatch? Share it with us and we’ll add it to the list.

Nine Line

No one said your product videos needed to be serious. This video combines the brand’s humor with its niche product line (with superb audio narration). And, it does it in under 30 seconds, without a single word said.

Man Crates

The voice alone is entertaining, but that isn’t why this product demonstration video makes the best of the best list. This video showcases both the brand spirit as well as what a consumer can expect to get in the box, and from the opening experience.

It does all of this in under 30 seconds.

Native Union

Technology product videos are often some of the best. You can thank Apple’s legendary advertising for that. Of course, this video will show you where Apple could have used a little more innovation.

Native Union tells a beautiful story of convenience for modern technology customers – which at this point, is near all of us.

The light in this video is subtle and crisp. The home reminds viewers of their own, or of the one they want. This video touches on both need and want – pushing viewers closer to conversion.

Raspberry Pi

Never underestimate the power of transparency and and relatability. And, know your audience! This video nails both, with the founder giving a personal story behind why he started the company, and speaking directly to people to like him, or parents of kids like he used to be. This video pulls heavily on the nostalgic heartstrings – and reminds how technology is truly changing the world for the better.

Training Mask

With some products, it is essential to show the item in action. This video is simple, but it gets the point across, especially to prospective buyers. This is a niche product for a niche audience, one dedicated to training and betterment, an audience that wakes up before the sun to train before work – and do it all over again, for a single moment of ultimate glory, and hundreds of smaller ones along the way.


This product demo video combines a product description as well as a how to for set up. It’s simple in scope – but it is everything anyone would need to decide if they wanted to buy the product. This is the definition of bringing the offline buying experience to the online world.


NaturallyCurly doubles as a media brand and an online shop. Their product videos are thus linked with content series and campaigns, meaning there are very rarely any one offs.

We chose this video because of the #HaveYouTriedThis tag, which encourages users to interact on social media. Plus, any video with an adorable child that takes less than 15 seconds to get the point across is a winner.


How do you stand out from your competitor’s? If it’s with a customer-focus, then video is a great way to tell that story.

In this video, Marucci takes a jab at competitors who release new models of product every year. Instead, the spokesperson goes into detail on why this new model took years of customer feedback, research and new technological advances to turn it into a reality.

All in all, Marucci comes out the real winner here.

Sierra Designs

Consumers trust people they can relate to. Thus Sierra Designs video is perfect for speaking to a hiking and camping crowd. The designer, featured in the video, talks through everything he did to make this tent the perfect tent for an avid hiker and camper.

Think of this video as an online version of an in-store employee. He answers all the questions a consumer could possibly have – and does so with an aire of expertise consumers are bound to trust.

Solo Stove

Not only does this video show the product in action, it also explains the brand’s positioning and gives background as to how and why the product came to life. This video perfectly combines both storytelling and product showcasing, making it perfect for use in all channels: on a product page, in paid advertising, etc.

SISU Mouthguards

There is nothing insanely compelling about this video, except for the use of an expert. If your product stands heads above the crowd and there are professionals, like doctors or influencers, willing to speak to it – use them.

This video’s power is in it’s doctor-approved messaging, which increases consumer trust in the item and the brand.

Josie Maran

Product videos don’t just have to be about the product in question. Good videos tell a story. In this video, Josie connects the dots between motherhood, health, beauty and natural skincare in an engaging way. The new product’s back story is brought to life, and made more relevant for her brand’s audience.


Music is a key element to a great product video. In this case, Onzie nailed it. Onzie is a fitness line geared toward women – so this video is aimed at capturing an entirely new market. The music keeps it upbeat and creative. You wouldn’t know this was their first video go-around with a new audience segment.


The biggest goal for any product video is to bring the product to life, showing the viewer everything they’d want to know or ask about if they were looking at the product in store.

This video does a great job at addressing every detail on the item – while showing it in action.

And there you have it — the best video commerce experiences we’ve seen online today. These help set the standard as you craft a video strategy for your online business. If you come across any more standout video marketing examples, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may update this article with your suggestion!

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