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Customer Success Manager: The Partner Who Empowers You to Scale Strategically

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Depending on your individual BigCommerce Enterprise Plan, you may have access to a Customer Success Manager (CSM). This valuable resource is only offered to larger Enterprise Plan customers and is a part of our Professional Services teams.

We understand how much goes into having a successful online store, which is why we maintain a team of industry experts to support customers as they grow their ecommerce business.

To show customers how to maximize these teams’ benefits, we’ve launched a blog series that breaks down each team’s role, how they can help you, and best practices for working with them.

In Part 2 of our series, we interviewed Maria Jose (MJ) Buendia, Senior Manager, Customer Success Management at BigCommerce to gain insights into how her team helps BigCommerce customers see success.

What does a Customer Success Manager do for customers?

MJ Buendia: “Larger Enterprise Plan customers are given access to a CSM to serve as trusted consulting partners after their site’s launch. We have regular touchpoints with customers to understand their business goals, challenges, and objectives. The CSM role goes way beyond providing assistance. We are here to empower customers to achieve their business objectives and strategically scale.

“CSMs also have cross-functional access to a network of subject matter experts. We work with all these teams to ensure our customers have the resources they need to thrive with our platform.”

What is the key to a successful partnership?

Buendia: “Having a collaborative partnership with a CSM. A CSM is a knowledgeable guide who will navigate you through the evolving ecommerce landscape and ensure that you and your team are well-equipped to scale effectively.

“Our CSMs are equipped to provide personalized guidance. We leverage our industry knowledge to identify opportunities and recommend native functionalities and third-party apps tailored to each customer's unique needs. CSMs keep customers in the loop with regular roadmap reviews, ensuring they're aware of all new features, updates, and industry news.

"The CSM’s approach is highly strategic. Regular meetings are held to discuss analytics, identify growth opportunities, and map out success plans. We have access to a network of subject matter experts and can introduce other teams within BigCommerce to address specific needs. We always ensure our customers have access to the resources needed to thrive on our platform.”

What advice would you give a customer preparing to work with your team?

Buendia: “Have defined goals and expectations. It’s essential to have an idea of business goals, what you want to achieve by moving to BigCommerce, and any challenges you currently face. 

“My second piece of advice is to be transparent and have clear and open communication with your CSM. CSMs are and will continue to be the voice of the customer within our company, so the more we know, the better we can assist you and advocate for you.

“Finally, embrace collaboration. Viewing CSMs as strategic partners rather than service providers is the key to taking advantage of their knowledge and receiving recommendations. Embracing collaboration is where most of our customers succeed within our platform. Our CSMs are highly flexible and equipped to adapt to the diverse needs of our customers, but I think it's important to recognize that collaboration is at the heart of our approach.”

What is something people don’t take advantage of that they should?

Buendia: “One of our most underutilized resources is our suite of Professional Services teams. I also think there's a wealth of information online through our Knowledge Base documents that more customers should take advantage of. We have community forums and technical support channels as well. 

“All of these offerings provide valuable resources, best practices, and solutions to common challenges. Taking advantage of them can unlock the full potential of our platform and help drive success for your business.”

What’s your favorite native feature?

Buendia: “I like when brands incorporate features like the Abandoned Cart Saver. It builds brand loyalty when shoppers receive an email with a promotional discount that incentivizes them to return and complete their purchase.”

What are some of your favorite BigCommerce brands?

Buendia: “My top favorite brand is Pickleball Central. They have an interactive website and high-quality products. Our CSM has done an amazing job with this brand, and we really enjoy our conversations with our point of contact. I also enjoy working with King Arthur Baking and TYLER’S. These customers are super collaborative and they're enthusiastic about being with us.”

The final word

Creating a collaborative partnership with a Customer Success Manager is a great way to scale your ecommerce business after launching your site. Through regular communication, they can help you navigate the ever-changing ecommerce landscape and implement new strategies designed to improve your key business metrics.

Check out our other Professional Services teams and join the BigCommerce Community on Facebook to collaborate, share advice, and learn from the success of other customers on our platform.

Annie Laukaitis

Annie is a Content Marketing Writer at BigCommerce, where she uses her writing and research experience to create compelling content that educates ecommerce retailers. Before joining BigCommerce, Annie developed her skills in marketing and communications by working with clients across various industries, ranging from government to staffing and recruiting. When she’s not working, you can find Annie on a yoga mat, with a paintbrush in her hand, or trying out a new local restaurant.