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Pruvit Gear: Saving $1,000,000 annually + custom print-on-demand services

Tracey Wallace / 1 min read

Why they won

SUCCESS PARTNERS was a finalist for the Innovation Award for Agency Innovation for their work on Pruvit Gear.

For print-on-demand product personalization generating millions in revenue.

Business stats

Business outcomes of the innovation

  • $1,000,000 saved annual by migrating from Magento to BigCommerce
  • 312% increase in conversion rate

What they do

Pruvit Gear is an online apparel, print-on-demand and active-lifestyle brand.

The challenge behind the innovation

We do millions in print-on-demand revenue on an annual basis, so it was imperative that we find a solution for BigCommerce prior to deciding to move the brand from Magento to the BigCommerce platform.

How they make it work

SUCCESS Partners is the first BigCommerce Partner to offer Print-on-Demand services. Not to be confused with ‘Brand-on-Demand’, like Printful, we integrated with XMPie (Xerox) to offer our customers Variable Data Printing, like business cards for example.

It definitely was not easy. We had to be creative with our app creation since the Cart API hadn’t been released.

Final word

We saved over $1,000,000/yr and increased conversion rates 312%.

Our VDP/”Print-on-Demand” service didn’t skip a beat and continues to grow.

Our analytics show a reduced number of cart abandonment across the board due to the clean user interface that BigCommerce was able to offer.

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