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Take Care with Redeemer Small Batch CBD

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Projected to reach almost $16 billion by 2026, the CBD sector has become a buzzing market, with CBD-infused oils, balms, gummies and sprays sold across the country and even in big-name stores such as Urban Outfitters and Sephora.

But in such a crowded space, today’s CBD businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves if they want to succeed and grow — and for Redeemer Small Batch, launching their online store with BigCommerce was the answer. 

A woman-owned, full spectrum CBD provisioner, Redeemer is based deep in the heart of Texas and grows all of its hemp from their family farm in Colorado. According to the company’s website, “What you’ll find in every Redeemer package is the same CBD we reach for in our everyday lives.”

During a 420 pop-up event in Austin, BigCommerce had the opportunity to catch up with Bailey Weickum and Jahna Martell, owners of Redeemer, to get the inside scoop on how Redeemer came to be and how BigCommerce is helping them to fulfill their mission every day.

From Farm to Store

Few business owners can call their family their coworkers — but for Weickum, growing her business alongside her family has been a cherished experience. 

“My family’s been growing hemp for a little over five years in Colorado,” Weickum said. “So they’re growing all of the hemp that goes into all of our products.”

With 80 acres of untouched hemp, the family farm not only adheres to the highest U.S. regulations and standards, but it’s also the reason Redeemer is able to provide “some of the only true, single-origin CBD products on the market today,” according to the company’s website.

Weickum also added that growing their own hemp allows Redeemer to maintain transparency and consistency with their customers. With a small team and more oversight, Weickum and Martell are able to be hands-on with the product every step of the way. 

“It’s really fun to plant the plants and then take them all the way to handing you a package of Redeemer — it’s a really fun part of the experience for us,” Weickum said. 

Good Vibes with BigCommerce

Since 2018, the CBD industry has seen massive growth and is expected to continue growing throughout the next decade — which means competition is heavy. For small businesses like Redeemer, having the right platform to power their ecommerce engine is key to standing out in a sea of green. And since Redeemer doesn’t have a brick and mortar, launching their online store with BigCommerce was key to competing against even the big-name CBD brands. 

“One of our favorite things about BigCommerce is the offline sales — how easy it is for everything to sync to your store and all the easy integrations,” Martell said. “We don’t have to use ten million apps and tools to do what we need to do. We have everything we need right there, and it really allows us to be successful in what we do.”

Like many other high-risk verticals, CBD businesses are constantly faced with many unique challenges, including payment processing, legal issues and marketing and advertising. As a result, many ecommerce platforms do not accommodate these businesses due to CBD’s regulatory status. 

However, BigCommerce not only accommodated Redeemer’s regulatory requirements, but also provided the tools to properly market their product and scale — without constraints.

“When we started our company, BigCommerce right out of the gate supported CBD brands, and that was crucial, because we were having such a hard time making everything else work,” Weickum said. “That piece being easy really changed the game for us. We were just so grateful for that from BigCommerce.”

Partnerships to Fuel a Budding Business

Looking back on 2022, Martell and Weickum explained how local partnerships have been pivotal in their company’s growth. 

As a team of two, building a CBD brand has required Martell and Weickum to wear many different hats — which is why partnering with big-name brands is huge for getting Redeemer’s products on more shelves and in the hands of more customers.

“A big win for us this year was getting to partner with MARYJAE, which is a local dispensary here in Austin — it’s called the most inclusive dispensary in Texas,” Weickum said. “It was really cool to get to partner with another female-owned brand who’s doing great things in the cannabis space.”

The Final Word

Looking to kickstart your small business story with BigCommerce? Explore more small business success stories, and get started with a risk-free 15-day trial with BigCommerce to find out how our platform can support your ecommerce growth.

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