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Social Media Marketing: How 7 Entrepreneurs Create Facebook Posts that Engage

Jessica Malnik / 1 min read
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    By now, you probably realize the advantages of having a Facebook page for your business and selling through social media. It’s quickly becoming the new Yellow Pages.  However, it can be a bit difficult to think of new things to post each and every day.  To spark your creativity, we compiled seven amazing examples from entrepreneurs, just like you.

    Run a giveaway or contest

    With more than 100,000 likes, the Dharma Shop sprinkles in giveaways of his Tibetan jewelry from time to time. Not only do fans love this, it also increases the organic reach of his page.


    Share inspirational quotes

    Everybody loves a good quote, especially if it pertains to the lifestyle and appeal of your target audience. This is something Mermaid Company does quite well.



    Go behind the scenes

    Your fans love your products, so give them inside views, and they’ll love you even more. For example, if you sell delicious goodies, like the homemade treats Fluff it Marshmallows makes, taking behind-the-scenes photos is a great way to keep your fans engaged (and not to mention extremely hungry and more likely to make some impulse purchases from you). You can also give sneak peeks of new products.

    Highlight causes you support

    Grace & Lace recently donated some of their profits to start a couple of orphanages in India. While in India, they shared personal posts with their more than 86,000 fans on Facebook of their trip, photos of the kids they helped and updates of the new orphanage being finished. This helped create a personal connection between the business and its fans. It also shows the customer that your store shares the same values.

    Post articles, blog posts or videos that appeal your customers’ lifestyles

    Nobody likes “that guy” who only talks about himself or shamelessly promotes his products. Mix it up and share blog posts, articles and videos that appeal to your target audience’s interests, like this hilarious video from Karambit:


    Ask your audience questions

    Facebook is the modern town square where people talk about their lives. With that in mind, think about your audience and their lifestyle, and ask questions that show you relate to them. For example, Primal Pit Paste‘s approach centers around folks who want a more simple life. It’s so authentic and relatable that people can’t stop talking about them.

    Crack jokes

    Unless you sell something somber like pet urns, don’t be afraid to use a little humor. Hippie Butter does a great job with their memes. Nothing connects like laughter.



    Looking to drive brand awareness and increase sales from Facebook Advertising? Check out our Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook.



    Jessica Malnik

    Jessica Malnik

    Jessica Malnik is the Social Media Specialist at Bigcommerce. She can be found actively growing and engaging all the social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and the community forum.

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