2022 BigCommerce Technology App Partner Awards, APAC

From email marketing, to shipping, to back office integration and more, technology partners provide BigCommerce merchants with integrations they need to run and grow their business.

Expertise Awards

Innovation Integration Award

A new integration or feature of an existing integration launched since January 2022 that solves a significant BigCommerce customer need. To build your integration, you worked closely with your partner manager, our app marketplace team, or even our sales team to understand merchant needs.

  • Winner: Stripe
  • Finalist: Optty
  • Finalist: Deity

Customer Growth Award

An outstanding tech partner solution that has demonstrated the most revenue growth for BigCommerce customers. Judging criteria includes number of total app installs and average revenue growth per customer.

  • Winner: Searchspring
  • Finalist: Shipstation

BigCommerce Technology Partner Awards

These awards are distributed to technology partners who have gone above and beyond in customer satisfaction, excellent technical work, at the discretion of the BigCommerce team. No application needed.

Partner of the Year

An integration with superior user experience, outstanding reviews, and high install volume.

  • Winner: Klaviyo
  • Finalist: PayPal/Braintree
  • Finalist: Comestri

Best User Experience Award

This integration features best-in-class user experience. Judging criteria will include: simplicity of app install and configuration process, ease of use through the customer journey, and beautiful design.

  • Winner: Searchspring
  • Finalist: Section.io
  • Finalist: Stripe

Think Big Award

A tech partner with the highest amount of MRR referred.

  • Winner: Klaviyo
  • Finalist: PayPal/Braintree
  • Finalist: Attraqt

New Frontier Award

You’ve successfully supported BigCommerce expansion into a new country by demonstrating local domain expertise and launching client sites.

  • Winner: Optty
  • Finalist: Stripe
  • Finalist: TikTok

Emerging Partner

This award is given to new technology partners whose solutions feature a superior user experience, outstanding customer reviews and a growing install volume.

  • Winner: Optty
  • Finalist: Mirakl
  • Finalist: Algolia

Open Saas Innovation

Awarded to Tech partners who leverage BigCommerce's open APIs to enable merchants to build storefronts that power customized and engaging shopping experiences

  • Winner: Akeneo
  • Finalist: Algolia
  • Finalist: Randem Retail