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15 B2B Ecommerce Sites Boosting Sales in 2022

Tracey Wallace / 7 min read
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15 B2B Ecommerce Sites Boosting Sales in 2022

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    B2B ecommerce sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $954 billion this year on their way to nearly $1.2 trillion by 2021.

    That’s a 25% increase over the next three years.

    b2b ecommerce design ecommerce growth

    B2B companies can’t afford to ignore the important role ecommerce plays in their ability to compete in today’s marketplace.

    In addition to the statistics above, consider that:

    • Up to 90% of a B2B buyer’s journey is complete prior to engaging a provider because they’ve already researched the company and their offerings online.
    • 93% of B2B shoppers prefer to purchase online when they’ve already decided what to buy.

    To meet the needs of today’s B2B buyers, every B2B or wholesale brand needs an ecommerce site that provides an exceptional shopping experience.

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    Best B2B Ecommerce Sites

    From larger brands like PayPal and Avery Dennison to smaller brands like Good Start Packaging and Harbor City Supply, many B2B companies have built world-class ecommerce sites that are attracting and converting B2B buyers.

    We’ve chosen our favorite 15 to highlight in this blog post:

    1. Freund Container & Supply.
    2. Clarion Safety Systems.
    3. Casey’s Distributing.
    4. Restaurantware.
    5. Atlanta Light Bulbs.
    6. Avery Dennison.
    7. PayPal HERE.
    8. Harbor City Supply.
    9. Rain Harvesting Supplies.
    10. Point Safety.
    11. Foiltek Printing.
    12. Good Start Packaging.
    13. Bulk Bookstore.
    14. Flexfire LEDs.
    15. Texas America Safety Company.

    Let’s take a quick look at each of these B2B ecommerce sites to see how they’re selling their products online.

    1. Freund Container & Supply.

    Freund Container and Supply

    Freund Container & Supply is one of the largest U.S. suppliers of containers and industrial supplies.

    Their B2B ecommerce site showcases large rotating banners that feature special offers, as well as navigation that makes it fast and easy for B2B shoppers to locate products in the company’s extensive catalog.

    Customers can use faceted search to narrow their search using a broad range of parameters, including material type, color, shape, capacity, function.

    Product pages enable shoppers to zoom in on high-resolution product images, view detailed product information and related products, and read customer reviews.

    They also have the option to request a quote and request a sample of a product.

    “Since switching to BigCommerce, we’ve already seen a substantial lift in conversions compared to this time last year—as much as a 27% increase,” said Rebecca Gummerson, Director of Ecommerce for Freund Container & Supply. “We’ve also seen an increase in orders and demand revenue as well.”

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    2. Clarion Safety Systems.

    Clarion Safety Systems

    Clarion Safety Systems has been designing and manufacturing product safety labels and signage for more than 25 years.

    Shoppers arriving on their ecommerce site are greeted with full-screen rotating banners that feature the company’s products.

    The site includes an extensive safety video library, safety articles, data sheets, and FAQs.

    B2B buyers can also obtain pricing with the site’s custom quote request tool, request credit, submit a purchase order, request a quote for wholesale orders, and get assistance through live chat.

    “Once we switched to BigCommerce, we were able to change up a lot of the navigation within our website thanks to the SearchSpring integration,” said Angela Lambert, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Standards Compliance for Clarion Safety Systems. “We replaced the original category structure we had so that customers could easily navigate to fully qualified products.”

    3. Casey’s Distributing.

    Caseys Distributing

    Casey’s Distributing is one of North America’s largest sports novelties distributors.

    Knowing that it is important for distributors to have an exceptional ecommerce experience for their customers, their site’s homepage is heavily geared towards products, with product-focused rotating banners, a featured product category, and new arrivals.

    Faceted search and advanced sorting options enable shoppers to quickly find products and then view high-resolution images, detailed product descriptions, related products, and whether a product is available for dropship.

    Casey’s ecommerce site also promotes flash sales where shoppers can get deep discounts on close-out products.

    “We manage 50,000 or more stock codes a year which require regular updates,” said Ben Johnson, VP of Operations at Casey’s Distributing. “We needed a catalog management solution that would allow us to do that without a huge cost and without a headache. BigCommerce checked that box.”

    4. Restaurantware.


    Restaurantware manufactures and distributes wholesale restaurant supplies.

    Large, colorful rotating banners dominate Restaurantware’s ecommerce site, which lead shoppers into the ability to easily find products by category and subcategory.

    Faceted search enables B2B shoppers to filter their search by business type, material, color, and more to find and view products.

    Engaging product pages display multiple product images that allow shoppers to zoom in as well as view product specifications, reviews, related products, and delivery estimates.

    Shoppers can sign up to receive Restaurantware’s printed catalog, view FAQs, read their blog on food industry trends and news, and checkout with different payment options.

    5. Atlanta Light Bulbs.

    Atlanta Light Bulbs

    Atlanta Light Bulbs has been selling a wide variety of lighting products online since 1999.

    Shoppers on the company’s B2B ecommerce site can use the site’s faceted search functionality to quickly filter product searches by brand, price, length, base type, bulb shape, wattage, and voltage, as well as read customer reviews, FAQs, lighting resources, and the company’s blog.

    Their ecommerce site also enables B2B buyers to download the company’s mobile app, apply for credit, and learn about high volume pricing and their loyalty rewards program.

    “With BigCommerce, we were able to launch the site out of the box, quickly customize it to make it our own, and begin selling product near immediately,” said Doug Root, CEO of Atlanta Light Bulbs. “Everything we do on BigCommerce makes us look like we are a much bigger company, and that makes our jobs a whole lot easier.”

    6. Avery Dennison.

    Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison sells sustainable packaging, printing, labeling, securing, and attaching solutions.

    The company’s ecommerce site has an extensive product catalog that is intuitively organized and easy to navigate, with an orderly site search hierarchy and faceted search functionality.

    Highly detailed product pages show multiple product images with the ability to zoom in for a closer look, product specifications, reviews, and resources that help shoppers choose the right product for their specific needs.

    Shoppers can also request a free print version of the catalog and view technical support documentation.

    7. PayPal HERE.

    PayPal HERE

    The PayPal HERE app and mobile card reader enables companies to accept chip or magstripe cards and contactless payments wherever their business takes them.

    As with all of their other ecommerce sites, PayPal provides shoppers with an exceptional user experience for this product as well.

    B2B buyers land on a homepage with informative rotating banners and are encouraged to explore the mobile card reader that’s right for their business.

    They can view multiple product images, highly detailed specifications, product and how-to videos, and accessories.

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    8. Harbor City Supply.

    Harbor City Supply

    Harbor City Supply sells bathroom dividers, commercial hardware, and bathroom accessories for the renovation or new construction of businesses.

    The company’s ecommerce site lets B2B buyers request a quote, choose from a variety of payment options, check order status and order history, and use live chat to instantly speak with a representative.

    A review of one of the product pages showcases why Harbor City Supply is known for providing shoppers and customers with a wealth of information and resources.

    There are multiple product images, product videos, measuring guides, related products, how-to guides, ADA guidelines, and product reviews.

    9. Rain Harvesting Supplies.

    Rain Harvesting Supplies

    Rain Harvesting Supplies sells products for rainwater harvesting that meet the needs of both commercial and residential projects.

    B2B buyers arriving on the site’s homepage see compelling rotating banners and featured products, and can use faceted search to quickly find the product they need.

    Product pages display high-resolution photographs, detailed product specifications and documentation, customer reviews, and related products.

    Their ecommerce site’s resource center lets shoppers and customers view how-to videos, read industry studies and product guides, learn about rainwater harvesting, and more.

    10. Point Safety.

    Point Safety

    Point Safety sells gas detection and safety equipment.

    Their ecommerce site provides a convenient shopping experience that lets shoppers find products quickly using faceted search.

    Once they land on a product page, shoppers can view several different product images and detailed descriptions, data sheets, product reviews, and similar products.

    11. Foiltek Printing.

    Foiltek Printing

    Foiltek Printing provides a full range of print, web, and graphic design services.

    Their bright and inviting ecommerce site has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for shoppers to navigate.

    Product pages feature multiple premium images, dynamic pricing, comprehensive specifications, reviews, and similar products.

    Shoppers can request a custom quote, view FAQs, and read blog posts about printing and design.

    12. Good Start Packaging.

    Good Start Packaging

    Good Start Packaging sells sustainable packaging and compostable products to businesses.

    In addition to having a sleek design with excellent photography, advanced search capabilities enable shoppers to drill down by brand, material, product dimensions, and hot or cold food.

    Their ecommerce site has product videos, an informative blog, and customer reviews.

    Returning customers can quickly and easily reorder, save multiple shipping addresses, access order history, track orders, and save products to a wish list.

    13. Bulk Bookstore.

    Bulk Bookstore

    Bulk Bookstore supplies wholesale books in bulk quantities to businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations.

    Their ecommerce site includes a broad range of features to deliver an exceptional customer experience, including a dynamic search bar, faceted search, very detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and live chat.

    B2B buyers can request a quote for large orders and get a price-match guarantee for all orders over 25 units.

    Bulk Bookstore provides dynamic pricing, which enables shoppers to instantly see their discounts and total order cost change based on the quantity of books they select.

    The site also offers multiple payment options and free shipping.

    14. Flexfire LEDs.

    Flexfire LEDs

    Flexfire LEDs creates unique interior and exterior lighting experiences with their linear LED strip lighting products.

    Their ecommerce site’s homepage echoes the vibrant quality of the company’s products, displaying colorful banners for their various lighting products.

    Shoppers browse products using faceted search and product pages provide everything they need to make a buying decision, including installation and connection diagrams, application and use information, product specifications and FAQs, multiple product images, and data sheets.

    Flexfire LEDs also leverages user-generated content—including customers’ online product reviews, photographs, and videos—in a Customer Gallery section to provide shoppers with social proof.

    15. Texas America Safety Company.

    Texas America Safety Company

    Texas America Safety Company (TASCO) sells occupational safety products to businesses.

    The ecommerce site’s use of faceted search makes interacting with their extensive product catalog fast and easy.

    Shoppers can view detailed product descriptions, several product photos, product reviews, related products, and safety information on a variety of topics.

    TASCO customizes their products so B2B buyers can, for example, have their company logo added to hard hats or safety vests.

    Shoppers can also apply for credit and choose from a broad range of both online and offline payment methods to purchase products.

    “With help from BigCommerce, our new site launched without a hitch,” said Gary Brownlee, Vice President at TASCO. “We were able to seamlessly transfer to the new ecommerce site without any loss of sales or downtime.”

    Executive Summary

    With U.S. B2B ecommerce sales projected to reach $954 billion this year and $1.2 trillion by 2021, B2B brands can’t afford to ignore ecommerce if they expect to compete.

    Every B2B brand needs a B2B ecommerce platform that meets their customers’ online shopping needs.


    From a customer experience standpoint, common characteristics of successful B2B ecommerce sites include:

    • Rotating banners.
    • Faceted search.
    • High-resolution photographs.
    • Product data sheets and diagrams.
    • Payment options.
    • The ability to request a quote.
    • Dynamic pricing.
    • Product and how-to videos.
    • FAQs.
    • Blogs.

    If you haven’t started building an ecommerce site for your B2B business, now is the time to get started so you can compete in today’s evolving marketplace.

    If you already have an ecommerce site, study the B2B brands above to see what improvements you can make to start converting more customers.

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