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BigAI Copywriter Makes Crafting Product Descriptions Fast and Easy

BigAI Copywriter

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We all know having a high quality and relevant product description is an important factor in making sure your product is found when shoppers are searching online. 

Product descriptions are often the first thing shoppers see when they’re researching a product, so it’s crucial that they are clear, concise, and informative. 

A well-written product description can also help convert shoppers into customers by highlighting the key benefits of your product and persuading them to make a purchase.

For the longest time, the only way to effectively create well-written product descriptions was to have a knowledgeable and skilled writer. Even under ideal conditions, writing product descriptions for large catalogs was a long and time-consuming process.

We are excited to announce the launch of BigAI Copywriter, a new, free app developed by BigCommerce that harnesses the power of Google Cloud’s AI technologies to let anyone craft compelling product descriptions quickly and easily within the v3 Add/Edit Product control panel experience.

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Reclaim your time

Save time and simplify the creative process by letting AI do the heavy lifting. 

With BigAI Copywriter, you can generate multiple drafts of product descriptions in seconds, rather than hours or days. Create new text or tweak your existing description, and add it to your product with a click of a button.

Showcase your brand

Tailor your input settings to reflect the distinctive character and personality of your brand. 

With the right style and voice, crafting consistent, on-brand product descriptions becomes effortless, empowering individuals of all writing skill levels to create compelling content.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence

Our app was developed using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, which is trained on a massive data set of product descriptions. 

There is a “Custom” option within the app that gives advanced users full prompt engineering control, so you can experiment with your own AI text-generation techniques.

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The final word

BigAI Copywriter can help you save time, simplify the creative process, and showcase your brand by generating compelling product descriptions in seconds. 

Download the free app from the BigCommerce App Marketplace today and see how it can help you to optimize and accelerate your business.

To use the app, your store must be using the v3 Add/Edit Products experience. Only English product descriptions are supported at this time. 

See BigAI Copywriter in the Help Center for full requirements, installation instructions, and an overview of the app’s settings.