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Updates to Managing Custom Fields via V3 CSV Import/Export

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Starting December 19, 2023, BigCommerce is changing how to enter new and existing custom fields for products in our latest Import/Export experience.

Why are we doing this?

Previously, the CSV importer used basic formatting for new and existing custom fields. 

This format was incompatible with certain special characters — such as semicolons — and resulting in import errors for any custom fields that used them.

The CSV importer now uses JSON formatting for custom fields, similar to adding or editing custom fields via the API. This ensures that custom fields can be imported successfully with all supported characters.


Do I need to take action?

The new custom field formatting is only available with the modern Import/Export experience for stores using Multi-Storefront. There are no changes to custom fields in the legacy Import/Export experience.

This update does not affect any of your existing custom fields, and doesn’t change how you add and edit custom fields in the control panel. 

When exporting your products, your custom fields will automatically be displayed with the correct format in the Custom Fields column.

The final word

To learn more about configuring custom fields on products in the modern Import/Export experience, see Importing and Exporting Products (v3) in the Help Center.