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Beta Opportunity: International Enhancements for MSF

MSF Beta Opportunity

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We’re excited to announce a beta opportunity that allows merchants using our Multi-Storefront (MSF) feature to customize unique settings across each storefront, in contrast to using global storewide settings. 

These international enhancements will enable merchants to grow their international business with localized storefront experiences for customers around the world.

Customers around the world shop online in very different ways. Successful global expansion requires building localized experiences, which takes time and money. Many businesses struggle with the decision to spend resources on creating custom storefronts for each region, or to settle with a solution that limits localization.

Now with the International Enhancements for Multi-Storefront, merchants have the ability to quickly provision new regional storefronts, with easy access and control over each storefront’s unique strategy.

What’s included in this beta?

Participants will be able to create localized experiences, with unique settings for each storefront. Our International Enhancements for Multi-Storefront builds on our previous releases to add localized store experiences and storewide Locale language settings.

Customize storefront language with a default theme language per storefront, and customized content per storefront across product fields, the cart and checkout pages, orders, and transactional emails. With Page Builder, build custom widgets per storefront.

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Set unique pricing, promotions, and discounts per storefront, and control SEO strategy across all pages, categories, and products per storefront, to empower your merchandising strategies.

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Why should you join the beta?

In summary, here are the key benefits of this powerful feature:

  • Sell to new markets faster: Take action on your international expansion plans with a faster way to launch storefronts across the world.

  • Localize shopping experiences: From searching to shopping to checking out, localize your discovery and buying experience across each storefront.

  • Manage the world in one place: Make fast changes and optimizations to your global storefront channels from a single backend.

  • Simplify expansion and reduce risk: Empower business users to quickly launch, test, and iterate localized storefronts with less investment in custom development work.

Who qualifies for this beta?

Merchants who meet the following qualifications are a great fit for this beta opportunity:

  • You must have a managed Enterprise account, with a Customer Success Manager or Implementation Project Manager, or with a BigCommerce Partner agency providing assistance.

  • You must be willing to create a new store after August 31, 2023 for the beta.

  • Your store must meet existing MSF limitations.

We anticipate adding support for international enhancements for MSF on B2B Edition stores later this year.

The final word

To register your interest and gain access to this beta opportunity, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Project Manager. 

If you are new to BigCommerce, contact our Sales team for additional information about how to get started.