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Introducing Nexi XPay for Payments

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Nexi XPay is now available to Italy-based merchants as part of our growing number of supported payment gateways.

What is Nexi XPay?

As a PayTech company operating in high-growth, attractive European markets, Nexi XPay offers an easy ecommerce implementation that allows you to select the price point and features that work best with your business.

With Nexi XPay, you can take advantage of the following benefits to your front- and back-end payment experiences:

  • Easy Checkout: Provide customers with simple, intuitive, and responsive payment steps on any device.

  • Test Mode: Test your Nexi XPay checkout flow without placing a transaction to ensure everything is working properly before going live.

  • Accounting Management: Specify whether you prefer immediate capture of order funds, delayed automatic capture after a specified time window, or manual capture.

  • Alternative Payment Methods: Offer your customers a variety of payment options, including digital wallets like Apple Pay, bank transfers like Bancomat Pay, and Buy Now, Pay Later solutions like Klarna.

  • High Security Standards: Nexi XPay is constantly updated with EMVCo security standards adopted by the main international card schemes, introducing new authentication methods and improving the customer purchase experience.

Getting started with Nexi XPay

Before adding Nexi XPay to your BigCommerce store’s checkout page, sign up for a Nexi XPay merchant account. 

Nexi’s support team will help you to choose the integration method that suits your business needs and provides you with the necessary credentials for connecting your merchant account to your store.

For a complete walkthrough of setting up Nexi XPay in your store, see Connecting with Nexi XPay in the Knowledge Base.

The final word

With its portfolio of industry-specific solutions and ecommerce expertise, Nexi XPay provides merchants based in Italy with flexible support for the digital economy across a broad range of different payment methods. 

See if Nexi XPay is a good fit for your store today!