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Tax Compliance with Vertex OnDemand

Vertex OnDemand

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We’re excited to announce that BigCommerce now supports Vertex OnDemand to assist stores with global tax compliance, while giving you the flexibility to customize tax automations and to integrate with the existing systems in your technology stack.

Introducing Vertex and Vertex OnDemand for BigCommerce

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, tax compliance can be a daunting task for all stores, especially Enterprise stores. The constant change in tax laws and regulations, combined with unique rules and requirements for each jurisdiction, adds layers of complexity and risk.

As one of our trusted global tax technology partners, Vertex helps stores to calculate and report tax for jurisdictions around the world. To provide even more flexibility, BigCommerce now integrates with Vertex OnDemand, a single-tenant SaaS deployment option.

When Vertex OnDemand is paired with BigCommerce, Enterprise stores can reap the benefits in these areas:

  • Enhanced security and control: Vertex OnDemand provides merchants with an isolated environment dedicated exclusively to their operations, ensuring enhanced security and control. Merchants can implement robust security and data privacy measures to protect sensitive customer and financial information.

  • Tailored customization and flexibility: Enterprise operations often have unique processes and specific requirements. Vertex OnDemand allows merchants to customize their tax automation deployment according to their specific needs. This streamlines operations, optimizes efficiency, and ensures a tailored solution that aligns with business objectives.

  • Unmatched performance and scalability: As businesses grow, fluctuating transaction volumes and demanding performance requirements can pose challenges. However, with Vertex OnDemand, merchants benefit from a single-tenant SaaS deployment that effortlessly scales to accommodate growing demand, seasonal fluctuations, increasing transaction volumes, and expanded sales territories. This ensures optimal performance even during peak periods, and provides uninterrupted business operations.

  • Seamless integration with existing systems: Ease of integration plays a vital role in an enterprise's technology stack. Vertex OnDemand seamlessly integrates with the BigCommerce platform and other existing systems, such as POS, ERP, and CRM. This connected environment ensures tax consistency across systems and channels, eliminating the need for manual intervention and maximizing efficiency.

The final word

With the availability of Vertex OnDemand, Enterprise merchants will have even more flexibility to streamline global tax compliance, ensure consistency across systems, and remove potential barriers to growth as your business expands into new markets. Discover what Vertex can do for your store today!

For general information on Vertex, see Automatic Tax Setup in the Help Center and Vertex TaxCalc in the App Marketplace. For more information on Vertex's global tax and compliance solutions for BigCommerce, including Vertex OnDemand, see Vertex's website.