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Top 10 Podcast Episodes to Help You Scale Your Business in 2023

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Hitting $1 million in sales can be a true make-or-break moment. To reach the next milestone, you have to make the right decisions now in order to set yourself up for success in the future

This means finding smart, sustainable ways to optimize your customer journeys and add value at every touchpoint — from acquisition to post-purchase.

To help you reach the next level, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 podcast episodes focused on  various growth topics to help you scale your business. 

With actionable strategies from industry experts and thought leaders, including BigCommerce tech and agency partners, these podcasts are a valuable resource to help you fast-track your ecommerce growth.

Make it Big 

Episode 5: Unlocking the Next Stage of Digital Growth with Ryan Deiss.

One idea written on a napkin is what changed the future for Ryan Deiss, Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and Scalable Co. 

In this episode, Deiss joins BigCommerce’s Lauren Riazzi to discuss his path to success and ways to unlock the next stage of growth. Learn how you can take an entrepreneurial idea and expand your business to new horizons — plus, how technology can make or break your strategy.


Episode 450: What it Takes to Build a Unique Brand in 2022.

A standout shopping experience on an ecommerce site requires attention to both form and function — brand identity and usability.

In this episode, David Segal, founder of David’s Tea and now Owner and Co-Founder of, explains what it takes to build a successful brand and how the branding experience has changed over the years. 

My Wife Quit Her Job 

Episode 426: The Best Strategy To Grow An Audience Today With Neville Medhora.

An important — but often overlooked — element of a strong marketing strategy is written content. 

So in this episode, Neville Medhora, founder of, sits down with Steve Chou to explore how content marketing has evolved over the years and how to write engaging, persuasive copy today.

2X eCommerce 

Season 7, Episode 23: How to Play The Long Game with Life Cycle Marketing – Jess Chan, Longplay Brands w/ Jess Chan.

The customer journey doesn’t end at purchase, or even after shipping. In fact, many customers don’t even interact with your brand until after receiving your product in the mail — which is why life-cycle marketing is so crucial to building customer loyalty. 

In this episode of 2X eCommerce, Kunle Campbell is joined by Jess Chan, Founder & CEO of Longplay Brands, a marketing agency that helps direct-to-consumer brands nurture and retain customers through life cycle marketing.

eCommerce Evolution 

Episode 211: Turn Every Customer Touchpoint Into A Sales Opportunity and Going Omnichannel.

No longer is buying directly from a brand’s website the only way to shop online. With the rise of Instagram and Facebook Shop, Amazon Marketplace and even TikTok Shop, consumers can now purchase from a wide range of channels, making it easy and seamless to shop and sell  online. 

In this episode, Gorgias’s Kristina Muntean and Jenna Galardi, Senior Omnichannel Growth Manager at BigCommerce, discuss how to drive more traffic and profitability through an omnichannel strategy.

eCommerce Masterplan 

Episode 350: Operations is ALL about enabling growth with Lovepop’s Dan Nephew.

Although it may seem like a behind-the-scenes role, integrating and automating back-office operations can be a huge benefit to your customer experience. While relying on manual processes can lead to mispicks and inaccurate reporting, automated order processing and inventory-demand planning can save lots of time and resources. 

In this episode, Dan Nephew, Director of Systems and Operations at Lovepop, explains how implementing Brightpearl helped his company better manage their back-office operations and minimize complexities in every stage of the business.

Future Commerce 

Season 8, Episode 2: [Step by Step] How Do I Choose the Right Technology Partners? 

One of the biggest advantages of working with an agency is that they have years and years

of experience across their teams. 

Tapping into the expertise of an ecommerce agency is a key way to set yourself ahead of the competition. Agencies often have years of experience across their teams and can help fill in any gaps that may be in your organization. 

In this episode Michael Bernard, VP of Tax Content & Operations and Chief Tax Officer at Vertex, joins Step by Step to discuss how to choose the right technology partners for your ecommerce business — from state and local tax information to selecting the right vendors.

Core of Commerce 

For real, long-term growth, ecommerce brands need to deliver a customer-first experience — and that involves a memorable product experience. 

In this episode of Core of Commerce, Virginie Blot, PXM (Product Experience Management) Evangelist at Akeneo, discusses why ecommerce merchants should shift away from simply managing product data, and instead move toward crafting unique, engaging product experiences.


Episode 117: Andrew Norman – Why Perfecting The Shipping Process is Key to Creating Happy Customers and Maintaining a Good Reputation.

Part of enriching the post-purchase customer journey is improving your shipping process, whether it involves shipping protection or self-service returns. 

In this podcast episode, Andrew Norman and Richard Hill explore why having a fine-tuned shipping process is so crucial to growing your business, how you can compete with big-name brands like Amazon and where some companies go wrong in their shipping processes.

Make it Big 

Episode 23: How to Approach Global Expansion with Digital River and

Cross-border selling presents a great opportunity to online retailers that exclusively sell domestically, but how should those businesses start their global expansions? 

In this episode, Pierre D’Arbost, General Manager for EMEA, and Ted Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer at Digital River join the Make it Big Podcast to take you through the steps for a successful global expansion for your brand.

The Final Word

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