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Ecommerce is everywhere. 

Whether you notice or not, the majority of retail brands you purchase from have an online storefront that’s fuelling their business. If your brand still doesn’t have an ecommerce presence, odds are you’re missing out on a good chunk of change.

So, what is an ecommerce brand? Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. When a retailer has an ecommerce presence, they’re able to provide online consumers with a shopping experience that’s unique to their brand. 

A well-thought-out ecommerce brand takes a strategic approach to reach its ideal customer through a consistent style and voice that’s uniform across all channels. This creates brand loyalty among customers, making your store their go-to for specific products and services.

Factors such as the global pandemic and technological advancements have led to more consumers choosing online over in-store shopping. In fact, ecommerce sales were projected to account for 19.5% of worldwide retail sales by the end of 2023. With the continued rise of online shopping, it’s more important than ever for retailers to jump on the ecommerce bandwagon.

If you still haven’t created an online storefront or are struggling to showcase your brand — don’t sweat. We’ve compiled a list of intriguing brands on BigCommerce that have been fully brought to life in the ecommerce ecosystem. Take a look at some of the tactics they use and see how you can apply them to your ecommerce store.

Apparel and accessories brands



More than 40 years ago, Josie Natori, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, created her company from her living room floor. Fast forward to today and Natori is one of the most recognisable brands in the fashion and apparel industry with its luxury lingerie and fashion-forward clothing and accessories.

Natori’s website uses consistent fonts, logos, and photography that reflect the “East-meets-West'' style of their products. In addition, the company masterfully incorporates ecommerce trends by including social media videos on its homepage and discussing its sustainability efforts.

Saddleback Leather Company.


What started out as “the perfect” backpack became what’s now known as Saddleback Leather Company. This world-renowned brand is known for its craftsmanship and quality leather goods ranging from travel bags to briefcases to home and office supplies.

Visitors entering Saddleback Leather Company’s ecommerce site are transported to a world that uses rugged imagery and dark colours to showcase its products' quality and durability. This DTC brand also uses a brawny voice to convey the journey that led founder Dave Munsun to establish the company.

B2B brands

Berlin Packaging.


Since launching almost 100 years ago, Berlin Packaging has transformed from a small tinplate packaging business to a global company that specialises in glass and plastic containers. This family-run business has established a strong foothold in the B2B sector, servicing almost any industry with packaging needs.

Berlin Packaging’s ecommerce site uses clean imagery that demonstrates the variety of packaging services offered and the brand’s versatility within their industry. The site also provides an ample amount of content — ranging from videos to blogs — that showcases their near-century’s worth of experience and knowledge.

Casey’s Distributing.


Casey’s Distributing is one of the largest sports novelties supply chain distributors in North America. This brand distributes anything from tailgating equipment to sports apparel for more than 50 manufacturers. 

Visitors entering the Casey’s Distributing site are fully immersed in all things a die-hard sports fan could dream of. Shoppers are shown logos of iconic athletic brands whose products they distribute, along with a carousel of the company’s featured items. 

The site also offers a clean and simple layout that allows customers to intuitively browse their online store. The sports aesthetic coupled with an easy-to-navigate site demonstrates the company’s professionalism and experience in their industry. 

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Sports and outdoors brands

Yeti Cycles.


Since launching in 1985, Yeti Cycles has established itself as a premium bike manufacturer. This Colorado-based company is known for its innovation and determination to create the best mountain bikes in the industry.

Yeti Cycles’ ecommerce site relies on consistent imagery that takes visitors on an adrenaline-charged ride with their world-class bikes. Their digital branding is a spitting representation of the company’s sheer passion for mountain biking and its products.

Automotive brands

BB Wheels.


When it comes to offering high-quality products and small-town personalised service, BB Wheels is in the driver’s seat. This family-owned company prides itself in delivering anything from wheels to vehicle accessories throughout the lower 48 states of the U.S. Not only are they known for their top-notch service and quality products, but they also offer unbeatable prices.

BB Wheels’ ecommerce website uses brand messaging to showcase its commitment to providing the best customer experience and product pricing. The company also uses consistent imagery that spotlights products and special deals, as shown in their homepage banner. 

On top of this, BB Wheels’ site offers several ways for customers to easily find the products they’re looking for, creating a seamless user experience.

Van Cafe.


Twin brothers Mike and Greg Labate are natural-born entrepreneurs. After launching their first business, the two got the itch for a new challenge. Thus, Van Cafe was born. Van Cafe manufactures and sells OEM Vanagon parts and accessories to a variety of clients ranging from van companies to your average van enthusiast.

Van Cafe’s website uses warm colours combined with outdoorsy product imagery to convey the fun and adventure of “van life.” The brand also uses its voice throughout the site to show its passion for vans and the experiences they create.

Food and beverage brands


Hip Pop.

Hip Pop business owners Emma Thackray and Kenny Goodman are leading the charge when it comes to promoting proper gut health and wellness. The two friends noticed a gap in the United Kingdom market when it came to kombucha, so they opened a brewery and began selling Emma’s very own recipe.

Hip Pop’s website displays its fun and carefree brand through the use of bright colours, graphic art, and product imagery. The small business also offers subscription services for those loyal to the HipPop brand.

Lammes Candies.


For more than 135 years, Lammes Candies has been a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. With four stores in Austin, Texas, locals can get their fix when they enter this charming candy shop. 

But don’t worry — a large portion of Lammes business comes from wholesale and online sales, allowing those from around the world to enjoy the sugary goodness that is Lammes Candies.

Lammes Candies’ ecommerce site uses photography to showcase their most popular products and encompass the same charm and family-owned feel one gets when entering one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

Health and beauty brands



When it comes to curly hair, NaturallyCurly is an industry expert. This content and commerce brand focuses on educating and advocating for those with textured hair. The brand offers a variety of products and services, as well as insights that encourage retail brands to sell products catered toward the curly hair community.

NaturallyCurly’s website demonstrates the brand’s industry knowledge through the variety of video and written content found throughout its site. In addition, the site incorporates images from their Instagram page that feature individuals who use their products, building trust among shoppers.



CEO and Co-Founder Justin Wang was on a mission to combine the convenience of plastic water bottles with the sustainability of reusable ones. With his partner, they developed the first ever self-cleaning water bottle and launched their business, LARQ.

The San Francisco-based company uses calming colours and simple fonts to show the modern innovation of this product. They also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through the online magazine hosted on their website.

Home and garden brands



Burrow has changed the game when it comes to furniture shopping by eliminating the need to spend hours assembling a new couch. This innovative brand has managed to create luxury furniture that can be put together in minutes without any tools.

Burrow’s ecommerce site uses minimalistic imagery and neutral colours to create a luxury feel for site visitors. The website also offers a referral programme that rewards shoppers when they share the site with their friends, creating customers that are true to the Burrow brand.

HVAC Parts Shop.


What started as an HVAC repair shop eventually became a booming company selling OEM parts to businesses and consumers through its online store. HVAC Parts Shop is now a nationally recognised hub for all things HVAC.

HVAC Part Shop’s online store uses video content and written manuals to connect with customers and serve as a trusted HVAC partner. This content-first strategy provides anything a robust organisation or at-home DIY’er could need through a user-friendly interface.

Other exciting online stores



Sitting at a desk for eight hours per day can lead to a variety of ailments. That’s what led UPLIFT Desk founder Jon Paulsen to design a height-adjustable desk that would alleviate the stress his work setup had on his body.

Fast forward to today and UPLIFT Desk is improving the lives of office workers through their standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and additional office products. UPLIFT Desk’s ecommerce site allows visitors to customise their ideal standing desk upon entry, enforcing the brand’s mission to provide office equipment that improves the lives of each shopper.

Bullitt Group.


Bullitt Group is leading the charge when it comes to cell phones that can withstand elements that would ruin a standard iPhone. Their ruggedised phones are intended for adventure seekers, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or in the military.

Upon entering the Bullitt Group site, visitors are shown a video of extreme environments where their product would survive. The brand also uses its voice to showcase the durability and long lifespan it guarantees with its products so customers feel confident using them in any type of environment.

Key elements of successful ecommerce brands

These featured businesses incorporate key elements that make their brand truly come to life through their online store.

Take a look at some of the tactics they implement that can help boost your online brand.

Strong brand storytelling.

Storytelling is essential. Each of these companies has crafted their site to showcase their journey as a brand and how they got to where they are today.

Allowing your target audience to see the progression of your company will help them resonate with your brand and feel connected to the company they’re purchasing from.

Seamless user experience and order fulfilment.

Providing customers with an efficient user experience that exceeds their expectations is one of the top ways to keep visitors on your site and generate sales.

Choosing eye-catching fonts, imagery, and colours that are unique to your brand yet also easy to look at will create a custom shopping experience for your customers.

In addition, merchandising items and intuitively organising your product pages will allow shoppers to easily navigate your online store. 

When it comes to checkout, it’s important to offer several different payment options, ranging from credit cards to Buy Now Pay Later. On top of that, efficiently fulfiling orders and offering fast and affordable shipping will help build brand loyalty.

Exceptional customer service.

Creating an experience for your customers that makes them feel valued enhances a company’s brand. The featured companies pride themselves on offering top-tier service that guides customers to what they need as opposed to tricking them into buying something they don’t.

Offering a customer service experience that makes shoppers feel like they’re buying from a trusted partner as opposed to your average online marketplace allows you to build brand credibility and a loyal customer base.

Mobile optimisation.

Optimising an ecommerce site so it’s compatible with mobile devices is a must. This allows ecommerce retailers to connect with their shoppers through multiple channels, alleviating any hassle for customers.

Competitive pricing.

In the world of online retail, it’s imperative to have a competitive pricing strategy. Comparing your products against competing retailers and online marketplaces, such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart, will help you appropriately price your products.

Building an ecommerce business with BigCommerce

There are a variety of commerce platforms available for companies to build their online store, including BigCommerce.

BigCommerce helps companies scale their business and increase ecommerce sales. The platform’s customisable interface allows businesses to design their storefront so it fully embodies their brand. 

BigCommerce’s goal is to serve as a trusted partner to online retailers, as opposed to just another ecommerce platform.

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The final word

Your brand matters.

It’s what makes your business unique. Whether the company is a startup or at the enterprise level, customers want to become loyal to a brand, not just a product. When businesses put the same level of care and effort into establishing their brand online, it shows the dedication they have to their customers.

If you haven’t fully established your online presence, it’s time to get started. Explore the different company sites mentioned above and start implementing bits and pieces that align with your brand.

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